Cat tearing up carpet - help!

My kitten has recently gotten into the habit of tearing up the carpet near the bedroom door. He gets an individual thread loose and then tugs at it, and he’s essentially unraveling the carpet. I know he’s doing it to get our attention, because he doesn’t like closed doors if he’s on the opposite side of them, but how can I get him to stop? Are there sprays to discourage him chomping on the carpet? Are there behavioral methods to try? He’s about a year old, and this is a new home for him (we’ve been here 2 months), and he has two cat roomies who are a few years older than him, if any of that might make a difference.

Clip his claws. The earlier you start the better.

Actually, he’s doing this with his teeth.

Tobasco sauce usually works and doesn’t stain. It comes out with warm water and soap. We used it when our siamese attack kittens were destroying our berber rug. Worked like a charm. However, the first time kitty get’s the taste in his/her mouth she will wince and run around…but it won’t hurt her permanently.

Leave the door open. I gave up on closed doors years ago.

I wish that was an option! But we don’t want him in the bedroom - we’ve got allergies and it’s easier to sleep if there isn’t a cloud of cat fur on the bed.

I can’t find a link at the moment, but could you put down those plastic threshold protectors?

Our cats tore up some berber carpet under a door, and I camouflaged it pretty well by supergluing bits of it down again.*

*This is not only a helpful tip, but a test to see if my husband ever reads what I post here. :slight_smile:

You could always sprinkle some cayenne pepper on the carpet where he’s doing the chewing. It vaccuums back up again when you’re done with it, but he probably won’t care much for the taste. It’s a little less gloopy than tabasco, but spreads farther. Of course, mostly what it spreads to is more carpet you won’t want him to chew on either.