Cat Vert Finals

I have three cats and buy them toys all the time. I bought my kitties some new toys the other day and these toys are the Kitty version of Crack. My cats totaly went nuts when I tossed out the first toy. These toys are little mouse looking things with some sort of rattling substance inside. The brand name is ‘ToyShoppe Playables’.

Anyway, my house has turned into Cat Vert Finals. All three cats are going nuts over these toys. One cat is hitting the ceiling with the toy all the time. I have never seen cats get so excited about a toy. Today two of my cats ran into each other in the air about 2 feet off the ground and they kept going.

Anyway, can anyone tell me about more cat toys that will keep my clan happy?

BTW, my cats don’t get catnip.


I have a lazer pointer and all 4 of our cats and our dog love to chase it. Zoey, our youngest cat, has gone as high as 6 feet up a wall chasing it. We get some pretty neat crashes when 2 or 3 animals are chasing it at the same time. This may sound cruel, but I like to shine the light at birds. Scares the hell out of them because they can’t hear anything sneaking up on them.

Shan’s favorite toy is a ball of aluminum foil on a string or a milk cap ring. His favorite store bouoght toy is a squeaky mouse on a string.

His least favorite toy is The Demon Mouse (not its actual name, just what it’s referred to by us), which is a plastic purple sound/touch activated mouse that has flashing green eyes. It’s actually called “Cypurr Mouse” or something like that.

Why don’t your cats get catnip?

Kat, if I understand correctly (being lazy I’m not going to research this for an IMHO thread), it is a genetic thing with cats.

Now I find a deep seated need to get a cite so I googled ‘catnip genetics’ and here a cite Here is another cite So it seems that catnip is a genetic issue. None of my cats care for it.

As far as the suggestions for toys goes, I was looking for non-interactive toys. Most toys get 10 or 15 minutes of play out of my cats. These new toys keep them going for 30 to 60 minutes. Which is a long time for cats. I love to play with my cats but I am pretty busy these days and want to find stuff they can do when I am gone.


My cat always had the most fun with seagull feathers.

Ah. I misread…thought you meant your cats didn’t get catnip, but you meant your cats don’t get catnip.

Have you tried the milk cap rings? Shancat didn’t get them at first, but now they can keep him busy for minutes at a time (which is a long time for him).

My two cats go nuts over anything made of real animals. Our cat Schrodie has been kept entertained by a couple of sawed off basting brushes (made of real horse hair) for over a year now. They both seem to love a crow feather that we have for some unknown reason. Our female, Sophie, also loves to play with either her or her brother’s collar if it slips off–all I can figure is that she smells animal on it.