Catastrophe of Historic Proportion?

:rolleyes: Right backatcha.

So, when are you going to show us your vast knowledge of structural engineering?

What about your legal brilliance so the people of Minnesota can hurry up and sue the state for negligent homicide?

Come on, we’re waiting.

I never said I know anything about engineering or civil law. I said I find your bullshit tiresome.

I might add that I suspect that bridge maintenance is a matter that transcends politics, and that this bridge collapse would have happened regardless of whether a Republican, Independent or member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party was occupying the Governor’s Mansion in Saint Paul.

Glad to see I’m not the only one who thought this very same thing.

I know Pawlenty is a Republican. My point is that Dudley is the kind of idiot who thinks “Hey, a bridge collapsed! What a great opportunity to complain about liberals!”

Fine, then my original post wasn’t aimed at you, was it?

Marley23, sorry for misunderstanding you – though I am on your side against DudleyGarrett’s idiotic remark.

I didn’t think it was aimed at me, I’m just annoyed by your small-minded idiocy. This isn’t a world-shaking disaster by any means, but how the fuck do you hear “a bridge collapsed, at least a few people are dead and a few dozen are hurt” and think “ugh, the liberals are going to start complaining?”

Considering that it’s an interstate highway, I thought that funding repairs was mostly on the federal government’s shoulders. You know, like fixing the levee system in place throughout the US (not just in Louisiana).

This liberal is in his 30th year in the bridge business. I have served both Democratic and Republican governors and I can state with total confidence that politics does not come into engineering. Sure, there will be some talking heads on TV that will point fingers and lay blame, that’s what talking heads do. But I don’t see this as a liberal vs conservative issue.

Hey Trunk, I notice your location is Baltimore. I have a friend there, Richard Jones, do you know him?

But that’s because it was a SCHOOL BUS full of CHILDREN! <Mrs. Lovejoy voice> Won’t somebody PLEASE think of THE CHILDREN! </MLv>

Was that a liberal bridge that dropped at rush hour to make the republican governor look bad. ? Bad bridge. Dudley is right those bridges must be stopped.

It’s so funny. Maybe 50,000 went to the Minnesota Twins game last night. . .and I’d almost guarantee, NONE OF THEM WERE DOPERS!

100 people injured & dead in a bridge collapse. :rolleyes: Give me a friggin’ break.

Please, check in. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. There’s a .0001% chance that an acquaintance of someone I know by their user name might have been injured in the bridge collapse. I’m SOOOO CONCERNED!!!

Can you imagine the hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth if it had been a bus full of nuns holding babies? Especially if the nuns were blind and the babies were refugees.

And, if anyone reading this works in Cincinnati media and has access to that video, please post it on YouTube.


One of the first things anybody knew for sure was that the kids were fine. There were kids visible on camera walking around and eyewitness reports that said “We ran immediately to the bus and started helping kids out.” Kids = fine.

Seconds later, Darcy Pohland starts talking about how devastating it all is, and there must be heaps of dead people and, oh btw, they don’t know if all the kids got out. Dead people! Missing kids! Dead, missing kids!

Why no hand-wringing and whatnot for the Tastee guy? His shit was ON FIRE, ffs. How’s he doing?

Phony hysterics? Meh. SOP in MPSIMS. Similar threads for dopers following 9/11, Katrina, the London bombings, the tsunami, that whole DC sniper thing, California earthquakes, etc. Can you imagine if a doper actually died during one of these things? A woman who happened to post here and work in the WTC at the same time in late 2001 was declared “dead” within an hour or so of the attacks because she failed to check in. People were "weep :("ing and planning memorial threads. Stupid. She was totally fine, btw.

No, Jamestown. You know, the flood of poisoned Flavor-Aid?

Nope. Tony Snow Says it’s Minnesota’s Fault

This is NOT a ‘second Katrina’, and the white house wants to make very sure that we all know that.

That, or maybe some of us have bumped into the fact, before, that unlikely things happen, and we don’t want to let our expectations of what the likely result may be lead us to say things that will bite us on the ass again.

I said something once, about how stupid it was to panic over rumors of something very unlikely happening.

Guess what, Trunk?

No matter how unlikely it was, it happened anyways.
So, I’m going to keep asking Dopers to continue updates while they’re worried about loved ones.

Fuck you, Trunk. That thread was not created for or directed at people outside of the state, frankly. That bridge is a main thoroughfare for this city – my husband crosses that bridge twice a day, as do many of my friends and colleagues. As I mentioned in the other thread, he was on it 90 minutes before the collapse because he happened to leave work early. Cell phones were jammed for hours after the collapse, and so going online was one of the ways we had to connect with people and see who was OK. There have been quite a few Doper get-togethers in the Twin Cities, so it’s more for me than just recognizing a screen name. I’ve sat next to Diogenes at lunch, I’ve joked around with Nurse Carmen, I’ve petted the dog Elenfair was training to be a service animal. They’re real people to me.

And it bears repeating, Happy Wanderer, that the governor called this a catastrophe of historic proportion for Minnesota. Which it is.

I grew up Seattle and vividly recall when the I-90 floating bridge sank. It made international headlines then; this is pretty much the same thing.