Catch me up with Malcolm in the Middle.

I just saw the this show for the first time this year.

How did Francis get from Alaska to that ranch? Where is that ranch? Is he still married?

I guess it’s just Francis’ story line that needs catching up.


Yeah, that’s a great show. Anyways, I forget exactly how Francis left Alaska, but I think it was just a road trip to get away from there. Then one day he stumbled upon the ranch, and they offered him a job; he turned the place around and for once in his life, he’s successful. And yes, he still is married.

Francis is still happily(?) married to Piama. They were driving cross-country, but their car broke down, and Francis ended up with a job as der foreman at der nearby dude ranch. It’s not like he wanted it or anything-Otto and Gretchen, the kindly German couple who run the ranch, hired him for some reason.

Um, how did he get to Alaska and get married? What happened to the military school?

He left military school, moved to Alaska (via hitch hiking) in an effort to defy his parents and hooked up with his girlfriend (now wife) there.

He quit military school with a forged emancipation and hitched to Alaska to hook up with a friend who had told him that great money awaited in the logger camps. Instead, he was forced into labor as a cook, busboy, and all-around filthy worker for the local store owner.

Eventually, he married Piama and moved in with her. When the logging was finished, an oil company bought out the land. Since Francis and Piama lived on tribal ground, they received a sizable check. This was enough to buy a car and drive to wherever the heck the ranch is.

Actually, given the topic, perhaps the thread should be titled Catch me up with Francis at the Top.


I’ll broaden this a little then, so it’s not so Francis-centric.

Is Malcolm still dating the girl he met while tutoring? I ask because Malcolm reminds me a lot of myself at that age, and I’m always for him getting the girl.

I don’t think he is, but I could be wrong. All I remember now is that Lois is pregnant. On the day she found out, her mother tried to sue her for slipping on a leaf on the steps outside.

And apparently they’re really very happy. Strange but true; he’s making somehting out of his life.

Think so.

And apparently they’re really very happy. Strange but true; he’s making somehting out of his life.

Think so.

Oh, last night, the Malcom’s next older brother (name?) got into a scared straight program. He managed to royally piss off a murderous man the size of King Kong. Then he taunted the big guy. This was a bad idea, as the big guy knows where his school is…

And he’s getting out next month.