Catch Phrase Disks

Does anyone know an easy way to make extra disks? Word Template or something…Thanks in advance!

Could you clarify? What do you mean by “extra disks”? Are you talking about floppy disks? What does Word have to do with it?

Safe bet that the OP is hoping to increase the replayabilty of this game from Milton Bradley.

Beyond that, no idea-- I am altogether unfamiliar with the game, and can’t find any information about the specifics of the disks.

A more useful description:

If one had an image of a sample disk, I imagine it would be quite simple to automate the layout from a wordlist. (I could probably knock off a Photoshop action that would accomplish it without too much difficulty, although there are no doubt other applications that would be better suited to the task.) Finding just the right card stock and cutting the disk so that the player would drive it properly would be the hard part, I suspect.

Yeah, I had to google for it myself.

Catch Phrase appears to be a party game. While I couldn’t get a clear shot of the disks with words on them, they look fairly plain. You should be able to do them up in Word, but lining up text on opposite sides of the paper will be tricky without a lot of trial and error.