Catching the 2:23 Express

What would be the easiest way to find as many songs as is possible of a specific length, say 2 minutes and 23 seconds?

Looks like the data described here might be helpful, though it is apparently of questionable legality:

Here is some free software that will search by track length but it only works with music you actually have:

Other than that, a google search for ‘track length 2:32’ pulls up quite a few hits and helpfully also shows results for ‘Song Length 2:32.’

Those are my best ideas.

Skipping the first “questionable legality” suggestion, your second post seems to be what I am looking for. Thank you.

Heh. I wasn’t sure if you were looking for a theoretical answer or a practical one.

The blog I linked to looked like a reasonable discussion of the project so I thought it would be allowed. If you think it is inappropriate feel free to delete the link.

Glad you found something useful anyway.

OK, just to see if it worked, I downloaded all of iTunes (ha–not really–I skipped Dolly Parton), then sorted by length. Worked like a charm… but wasn’t cheap.

Seriously, I’m planning on sorting by length and burning a disk with all my shortest songs. I’ve almost got a disk-worth of < 1 min. tunes.

And making a friend of mine listen to it. He burns me “Novelty” disks, in a “Betcha cant listen to it all” spirit…