Catechism of the Catholic Church

Have you read the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the one that came out in 1992? If so, what did you think about it?

I’m reading it and, weirdly, I’m hooked. It’s very impressive and inspiring. It’s simple yet sophistocated, somewhat between a simple faith and a complex ideology. It explains many things about Catholic Christianity in simple yet aweing words, incorporating the Scriptures and the writings of the Church Fathers. I must say, though, that what the Catechism says differs somewhat from what I had originally thought the Catholic Church believed in and taught. An example is unbaptized children: I had thought the Church was very clear that they were damned, but the Catechism seems to reserve any judgment regarding anyone’s damnation, let alone unbaptized newborn and non-Christians (through no fault of their own).


Well, my husband and I are reading it to prepare ourselves for entering the Roman Catholic Church, although I haven’t read the whole thing yet. I find it to be beautifully written. I’m really enjoying it.

A lot of Catholic writings are extremely well thought out, reasonable and articulate. My wife (who is Catholic) likes to say that "catholics are the smart Christians) and I think there’s something to that- at least in the way that positions are extremely well considered and internally consistent.

You don’t find logical fallacies ir glaringly stupid conclusions in the Catechism the way you do with a lot of Fundie literature. Even though I haven’t been a practicing Catholic in more than 20 years, I agree that the Cathechism is a pleasure to read.

Yes, I agree, Diogenes. The rich intellectual history is one of the reasons we’re becoming Catholic. In my experience, a lot of fundamentalist Protestant denominations are rather anti-intellectual. Again, that’s only in my experience.