Catholicism - the true Anti-Christ?

They keep the meat and hand out the parsley.

They try to cause division between those with whom they don’t agree. Interpreting this verse:

Matthew 12

to mean that they should cause division among their perceived enemies of God.

They are unforgiving in every respect.

They support a bloated hierarchy which delights in the sensual pleasures and riches that the gospel teaches against.

How are they of Christ?

For the record I am not coming in on the side of protestantism esp. Lutheranism or Calvinism, because they too missed the point of the gospel - Luther was a hater. But I expect that he was turned against the Jews by the Catholics. Sound crazy? Yes but I am enjoying this madness.

I’m not only the anti-Christ but also a Jew Hater?


All bow before me, or I shall smite you with the viciousness of a **Meta-Gumble ** Catholic-bashing thread! :dubious:

Catholics are unforgiving in every respect?

Well, then what’s the point of that whole “confessional” thing? I’ve never been, personally, but isn’t there usually some kind of forgiveness thrown in at the end?

Unless you meant Catholics are unforgiving of non-Catholics in every respect.

Hey, unless they’re trying to kill me or people like me, who cares what they will or will not forgive?

As bible threads go, I give this one a 2 for coherence.

Meta-Gumble, please explain how you arrived at this conclusion:


On a scale of what amount?

(It better have at least 7 zeros in it) :wink:

Do not class this as religious hatred - I hate only the divisive mind and it is this which Catholicism embodies.

Is it wrong to hate division and all its manifestations?

I’m not fond of long division myself. Though as a general principle I’d be averse to using religious texts as the foundation of such hatreds as I might elect to acquire.

In other random thoughts, could you perhaps furnish a cite of some description that supports your view of the Papal interpretation of Matthew 12?

On the other hand if M-G experiences a sudden departure from this madness, be so kind as to tell us and we will forget all about it. And forgive.

I couldn’t furnish a cite.

I’m almost suffering a stroke trying to figure this out. It’s not religious hatred, just a general slam on Catholocism? Damnit, I’ve been in the faith my entire life and I thought it was a religion! :smack:

So what is it? An economic philosophy? A template for how to organize your closet? A new and improved shampoo?

You hate divisive minds, huh? I hope you’re whooshing us, or I may think you’re tr…trying to get our goats.

This being Great Debates, at this point is where you expound in support of your position, and specially present sound arguments for your interpretation of Matt. 12 AND for the very short list of statements about things you find wrong with Catholicism – e.g. what do you mean by unforgiving, with examples; how is the presence of corrupt apparatchicks in the hierarchy any different from every other large organized Christian denomination; and exactly how do they “cause division”, again with examples.

Otherwise it’s not a debate, just a rant about things you don’t like about that Church.

Perhaps you were passing a quiet, sunny morning perusing Matthew, came upon Matthew 12 and the truth leapt out in a flash: “A-ha that’s how the Catholic Church schemes against its enemies.” Is that how it happened?

Meta-Gumble, first you say:

You are then asked, twice, for a cite (that’s what I meant by “please explain how you arrive at this conclusion”, and what **sevastapol ** means by “could you perhaps furnish a cite”).

Then you say:

So, how did you arrive at your conclusion w/r/t Catholicism? Did you just make it up? Without some backing, some statement on behalf of “official” Catholicism, your interpretation of their interpretation is just opinion. Thus, no debate.

If there is no debate here, if it is indeed just your opinion, then let me offer my opnion: “no they don’t.”

Damnit! I knew the OP was going to expose our evil plan to control the world! I just hope he doesn’t mention the pact we have with the Triumverate and our use of memes! :eek:
Of course, anyone not Catholic is an enemy. Now please stop revealing the secrets. :wally

Hey, dude, everybody else left US! :smiley:

Well, dear, to hear a convinced Orthodox Christian explain it, it would seem that you guys left them 950 years ago, then lost the rest of us 487 years ago (except the Old Catholics, who stuck with you until 1871).

Ecclesiology is such a fun subject – everybody starts with different assumptions!

BTW, meta-gumble, I could not make the slightest sense out of your OP. It seems others are having the same problem. A word of advice: when something seems obvious to you, and those around you are saying, “Duuh – whaaaat?” the time has come to clarify what you’re trying to say.

(And, by the way, while I think that Catholicism has made some silly errors in its theology, you’re going to have to go a long way beyond a tortured exegesis of one passage of Scripture to prove to me that they’re in any way evil as an organization. Like any other human group, they have their saints and their villains, but as an organization, they’re intent on doing right, sometimes far too heavy-handedly, but with good intentions.)

That’s an interesting interpretation of Matthew, and frankly one I’d never heard before.

For the record, there was no Catholic (or Christian, for that matter) faith when Jesus spoke those words. I interpret them to mean He was calling down the Pharisees for accusing Jesus of working with Beelzebul.

So, Meta-Gumble I invite you to convince me which part of the passage crticizes the Catholic religion that was to come, rather than the Pharisees who existed during that time.

By this, do you mean that we don’t openly embrace what we see as immoral behavior or incorrect beliefs? Assuming we did not do this, would we not be hypocrites?

Ever gone to confession? Its very good for the soul. I’ve met some priests who were dissapointed in my behavior, but never one that was unforgiving.

I’d love to see the person that would trade places with a Pope, or a Bishop, or even a priest. Frankly, the higher-ups work very long hours; the Bishops probably have it best since they have nice perks and comparitively easy jobsto the higher-ups; but the Priests really do bust their humps doing everything and don’t have really awesome digs to boast for it. And the Brothers and Sisters aren’t exactly living in luxury. The priests I’ve known are always helping some organization, studying, writing sermons, talking to people about their problems (people, priests have been psychiatrists for 2000 years and probably did and do better at it than most shrinks) and planning things out. Plus they get up at 6:00 am and do two masses a day.

Interfaith dialogue under Roman Catholicism

Is this intended to support the premise of your original post, which may be one of two things:

  1. The RC church interprets Mathew 12 as a mandate to “cause divisions amount their perceived enemies of God.”


  1. You interpret Mathew 12 as an indictment of the RC church for causing etc.

(I’m still unclear on your first post, and you haven’t seen fit to clarify).

Or, is this an entirely new sally, in which case, have you abandoned your original argument (whatever it was)? And is your new premise that the RC church intended the Inquisition as a means of interfaith dialogue?

Or are you just ranting?

That’s the best you can come up with? I’d get pissed right about now, but I get the feeling I’d be more productive playing with my dog’s dick. :rolleyes: