Cathy McMorris Rodgers is running against herself

Every two and a half seconds CMR is running an ad on the local stations bragging about how she is “fighting the Washington Machine.” I guess that means all of the majority party now running things with the exception of herself?

As amusing as this is, she will no doubt still prevail. Utterly depressing that this kind of stuff actually works.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers has never had an independent thought during her entire time in Congress. i’m still not entirely convinced she’s isn’t an automaton preprogrammed by the RNC to vote the party line.

This is exactly right. She is now complaining about how all her farmers (she is from a farming district) are going to be hurt by Trump tariffs, while continuing to suckle from his teat. She is the world’s largest ass kisser.

She easily wins every two years (60%). However, she finally has a real contender and maybe this is the year she gets booted. Go Lisa Brown!

As of this morning’s count on the primaries:

Cathy McTrump Rogers - 47.5%
Lisa Brown - 47.1%


In a similar vein, in Florida Rick Scott has been running ads blaming Dem Senate incumbent Bill Nelson for the Republican-controlled Congress’ repeated failures to pass a budget - it’s the fault of “Washington”. There are enough stupid people, the tragic victims of Florida public education underfunding for decades under the Republicans, who will swallow that, unfortunately.

Cathy was running ads 99 times a day using every rightwing talking point in the book. I was going to email her that I was enjoying them, except she forgot to call the dems libtards. Not openly, anyway. She did manage to get the narrator to use the word liberal with that special tone they employ that drips with contempt. An excellent strategy. I hope she keeps it up for the general in November.

I’m not optimistic that she’ll lose, but this might be as close a squeeker as she’s encountered yet. She didn’t exactly mop up the floor with Lisa Brown in the primary. A new experience for her.

ETA: I don’t recall her ever doing that much advertising in the past. Hopefully it means she’s quite nervous.

With the results so close, she should be nervous. The one bad thing is the couple candidates that LOOOOOOOOVE Trump (one even ran on the “Trump Populist Party”) collected about 5% of the votes. Those idiots are probably not going to vote for a Democrat.