Cats and Purring

Why is it that cats purr? And also, do they purr only when in good moods, or is it possible to purr whenever, regardless of their mood?



Well, here’s one person’s thoughts on it, but notice that this info is almost 30 years old, and might not exactly be on the cutting edge of info on cat behavior.

I know that cats can purr even under unlikeable circumstances. I took my Bo to the vet the otehr day and he purred throughout the whole exam - even when they were taking blood and he wasstruggling to get away, and when they took his temp you-know-where. He obviously didn’t care for either procedure, but he kept purring the whole time.

Here is an interensting article:

When my cat lost his eye, he purred bigtime.

Cats purr when they’re stressed probably to comfort themselves here’s a site Try googling cats’ purr there are several sites and as many explainations.