Cats, and things technical

I installed a generic memory-card reader salvaged from a friend’s malfunctioning computer and tested it with the one memory card I had lying around; a 32 MB Sony memory stick. It’s obsolete now - I don’t and have never had the right kind of camera for it - though my previous printer had the correct interface… the gist being that the stick has been sitting on my desk for about five years now, unused, yet I could never bring myself to toss it because of a reluctance to trash serviceable computer memory.

So anyway, I put the card in the reader, just to test the latter, and found a picture I took of my cats in 2007, which I thought I’d lost forever.

Sadly, the smaller cat is no longer with us, but I still like the photo itself and the luckiness of getting such a good pose, with the tail and paw in tidy parallel and all, and no camera flare in the cats’ eyes.

This is so cool. I love it when cats look all serious and thoughtful like these two are. Glad you found it! See, it pays to keep everything.

That is a great picture of the cats - I can just see them sitting there, both staring at you - “You know, a PROPER owner would be feeding us right about now.”

“We’ve been looking at your history and, well… is there anything you’d like to tell us?”

Ah…you told us they didn’t make cat porn :slight_smile:

I sent in a picture of the duo, on the same monitor, some time back.

The tom is evil. You can see it in his eyes. The cat was sweet. I can see why you miss her.