Cats 'n' mats

There are llamas and penguins and Bush – Oh, my! – but this is a much more mundane and practical question.

A friend took in a really scruffy stray cat. (This is a declared dog-guy, “who doesn’t like cats,” but, upon encountering this pitiful specimen, said, “How could I not like this one? He’s so friendly!” :slight_smile: )

The kitty has medium long hair, and his tummy is covered with small mats – pea-size, at most. He is very laid-back, which makes me think I could work on the mats.

So, what tools should I use? Or should I ditch this idea and take him to a groomer?

If he needs his belly shaved, it isn’t as easy as it looks and should be done by someone with training and practice. Grooming shears can cut skin as well. Are you planning to use scissors?

there are special combs that cut mats. check with a pet store near you.

if you just try to yank them out it will hurt kitty and kitty will not like to be combed.

don’t you know, whenever you talk of cute animals you must post pictures!

He is AWFULLY cute (and his name is Borbet - as in the German wheels; does not rhyme with sorbet), but I don’t have any pictures! I shall remedy that situation as soon as I can.

My medium to long haired cat is laid back but he really didn’t like me messing with his mats at all. He was puking a lot and the vet said it was probalby 'cause he was so matted so I wound up taking him to the groomer. It was totally worth it. They shaved his belly (it was so soft :slight_smile: ) and he seems a lot more comfortable now. I highly recommend it.

Well, when you come back with pics, we’ll come back with remedies. One hand washes the other, baby! :wink:

I used one of those matt combs. It worked out, but I think it probably hurt my kitty some. He had some really bad mats. Smaller ones should be a breeze.

Well, when you come back with pics, we’ll come back with remedies. One hand washes the other, baby! :wink: QUOTE]

You crack me up!

Here’s a compromise. Photos of Borbet to come, but in the meantime…

I’m thinking groomer, because I had to have my huge Maine-Coon-ish stray that adopted me, Julian , clippered because his coat was so matted.

But he had huge, horrible mats all over. You see that smooth-looking back in the “cat and the fiddle” photo? Disgusting, gross lumpiness when you petted him.

Darn it! :smack: Here’s the correct link to the clippered Julian:

And staring at a violin, no less. Is he thinking “Hey, that looks like someone I used to know” ??

Is that cat as big as he looks?

Yup. He’s a monster.

Small matts can be scissored out with blunt tipped scissors, using a comb to hold the matt away from the cats skin. Most cats do not enjoy this, so it might be better to have him clipped.

That Julian is a very handsome fella. A bit on the large side, too.

How much does it cost to get a cat groomed? Where do you find a cat groomer? Do dog groomers do cats?

My mom’s cat is starting to get matted, because she has long hair and is getting old. I’ve been cutting off the lumps with scissors as much as I can (which isn’t that much, she doesn’t like it), so now she has kind of ragged patches where I’ve chopped off a clump of fur. Of course she’d look ridiculous, but she’d probably be happier.

I echo the demand for pics.

Plus, if you get a photo of the matted area, those Dopers who have dealt with it before may be able to judge if it’s a home/scissors job or one for a professional.

When come back, bring pics.

At Wal*Mart they have clippers for maybe $15 which have attachments to regulate the distance from the skin.

I’d consider them disposable before spending $50 or more on “professional” grooming for a friendly, docile, stray cat.

Here is beautiful NE Ohio, I paid $40 to get Julian clipped. I just called around to various groomers, described the situation, and went with the person I felt comfortable with based on how she described what she would do.

Lots of the big pet stores like PetSmart and Petco have in-store groomers.

They also have grooming scissors that are pretty good for getting rid of mats. On one side the blade is normal, the other blade indented like a square wave and only hits the opposing blade in about half the places. It often lets you cut enough hair to work the mat out, but leaves enough hair that poor kitty doesn’t look naked or worry about sun burn.

I hear and obey.


Borbet’s tummy (This is the most laid-back cat – no pun intended. I flipped him onto his back so I could try to get a picture of his matted tummy, and when I was done, he would have very happily stayed like that for the rest of the afternoon.)

::makes inarticulate kitty mommie noises::

Looka dat widdle shweetie!

(Yes, I think your friend looking at a professional grooming job.)