Cat's pajamas. Huh?

How did Cat’s Pajamas become a term for excellence?

This site, in its hypothesis on “the bee’s knees”, says:

This site says:

Here is another site (actually, a .gif) that says:

Poster is caffeine impaired. :smack:

Here is another site…

Thomas Dorgan did NOT coin the term “cat’s pajamas” or any other cat term. Nor did he coin the term hot dog.

The “cat’s pajamas” appears in “flapper” lingo in 1922. As the unreliable site “A Word With You” says, it was just a phrase which had to do with multiple “cat’s” things. A nonsense phrase.

As a general precaution, do NOT use that site as a source. They have too much unreliable info.

This is more of a GQ type of question, so I’m moving this to General Questions.