Cat's Spray

My neighbor has a cat that she believes is a girl. I’ve seen this cat on several occasions sidle up to something on my property, raise it’s tail and twitch it’s rump. When I watched it yesterday I went to look for anything left behind. Sure enough, there was a small yellow puddle that accumulated in my wheel’s rim.

Is it even possible to have this happen with a female cat? I’ve assumed over the years that Kitty was a boy so I was startled to learn that neighbor said it was female. I can’t catch Kitty to check for balls.

Another Q, do neutered males still spray?

They don’t as often, but they can. Ages ago, one of the cats which lived with us (a neutered gent) would react to catnip by spraying it.

Female cats spray their outdoor territory. I’ve seen my girls doing it.

I had a cat named Streaker who was neutered late in life, before I got him. He sprayed regularly. He was so into it, he once stood on top of a book case in order to spray the ceiling. He’s the only one of my male cats who did this. Good thing I loved the hell out of him, because sometimes he was really gross.

Dolphie has also sprayed, on rare occasions, and she’s all girl. She’s done it right in front of me, in fact, always on plastic grocery bags. Not sure why. She still sometimes does that raised-tail butt twitch thing when she’s really excited about something, usually food.

So pretty much any cat CAN spray, those most of them won’t, if they’re fixed.

Man does any thing smell worse than cat spray? OT but, in my old house we had three cats. Those beasts used to pee all over the house…why I will never know. I removed all the carpeting and pad and put two coats of primer over the sub floor that was stained. I then installed new wood flooring over that and sealed it with two coats of polyurethane. I shit you not, I could still smell that cat piss when all was said and done and I bet the new owners of the house can too. I was thinking about getting an cat for my daughter, but I think a shih-tzu that pisses all over our new home is enough for now :smiley:

I had 2 spayed girl cats that did that. It was nasty and they were really really good at it, may they rest in odor-free peace.

A Bengal Tiger shot a stream not unlike what you’d see from a SuperSoaker at my friend and I as we stood talking, coursing right between us and narrowly missing absolutely ruining our day. He was a young male and yes, we were at the zoo.


I should hope you were at the zoo!

If not, I should hope you’d have the sense to run!

My boy “mimics” spraying. Thankfully he never has. My girls doesn’t do much of anything :slight_smile: