Cats - the other white meat...

Any other cat haters on the board?

I know we aren’t supposed to do it in the pit, but this isn’t the pit so…

::pulls up lawn chair, sets her birds on her shoulders, opens bag of chips, gets a cold one out of the cooler::

Let the games begin.


I can make a cat go woof!!

Douse it in petrol and strike a match. Wooooff

I had a cat thrown at me last weekend as a means of waking me up.

I was not amused.

(OK, I kinda was, but I still hate cats.)

I love cats.

I’ve got a couple of D-6s doin’ a fine job for me right now.

When my sister and I were kids, she would pick up cats and throw them at me.
To prevent this, whenever an argument started I would grab all the cats and toss them up onto the roof.

Your frustrations dealt with:

Kitty Bash

Ick. Cats.

My cats do not allow me to post bad things about them.

I’m sure cats don’t like you guys much either. :slight_smile:

BTW, cats are red meat. (Don’t ask how I know.)

Sometimes I like playing NOLF 2 just so I can set off the kitty bombs.

Love cats, hate dogs. Y’all can go to hell!! :wink:

Actually, despite the fact that I feel this way, I sometimes can’t resist making anti-cat comments in front of those freaky “cat people” who take themselves way too seriously. That’s why those bumper stickers that say things like, “Lost your cat? Check under my tires” amuse me - I just know those cat lover freaks are losing their minds. I just can’t help wanting to push people’s buttons when it’s clear that they take themselves way too seriously.