Caulking stain?

How do I get a spot of caulk out of my new Danskin slacks? I have washed them, used toothpaste, soap, rubbing and scraped with my fingernail. Does anyone have a clue? After caulking my new bathroom tile around the tub I sat on a spot of it and found it later when I stuck to my kitchen chair. Bummer, new job and I want to wear them tonight.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Big pink eraser.
It’ll be a lot of work.

Is it silicone caulk? The only stuff I know of that will really solubilize silicones is toluene (and I don’t even know if the public can buy that). Acetone does a fair job cleaning it up, but I don’t know if it will work on fabric. Either of these solvents might damage synthetics, and I don’t know what effect the other caulk components will have on the setting of the spot.

I guess that’s not much help…

Thank you, it is worth any amount of work. These pants are about as carefree as you can get. I bought one in every color so I have one for every day of the week and I always look good. I only wish they had shirts I liked. Maybe jackets too.

I used nail polish remover (acetone) no luck. Yes it is silicone caulk.