Causes of phlegm in lungs after eating?

everytime I eat, I have a ton of phlegm in my lungs afterwards. I have no other breathing trouble and I’m a perfectly healthy (other than a little overweight) 30 yr old male. I do however have acid reflux due to being overweight. Could that cause it.

I usually cough it up for in four or five coughs and it doesn’t happen again until I eat.

I know most of you aren’t doctors and I don’t expect a diagnosis. Just a self disclaimer…


{IAND} I have acid reflux disease too.
Sleep on a bed with the headboard raised about 3-1/2," eat nothing within 4 hours and drink nothing with in 2 hours of bedtime.
Also have postnasal drip due to allergies.
Any accumulation of phlegm is in the throat and bronchial tubes else you could not cough it up as easily as you indicate.
If the phlegm is yellow or has blood in it see an MD.

Yeah, it’s usually colorless and odorless. I figured that’s what it might be. Weird you mention sleeping at an angle. The past few nights I’ve been sleeping in a recliner for the same reasons. :slight_smile:

I find myself coughing up phlegm whenever I go from a humid place into air conditioning. I have GERD too but don’t think that has anything to do with it. I always figured the moisture in the air was condensing inside me. Are you holding hot food in your mouth and drawing air in to cool it down before chewing & swallowing?

Sometimes I do that. Humidity might be a problem. It has to be some form of saliva leaking or some form of overflow from the esophogous… weird…

Very hot or spicy food can cause this in many people. In others it can be a histmine reaction to a mild food allergy.