Caustiously Optimistic: Band friend is producing may go big

I guess this fits in the “you may have heard it here first” category: for those of you exposed for better or worse to my posts before may know that I am in a mid-life crisis rock band. My drummer is a record producer for his day job.

He is working with a band that maybe - just maybe - will Make It. Their name is Shiny Toy Guns.

They have something like 2 million downloads on Myspace. They just got signed in both Europe and the U.S. On the very influential L.A. radio station KROQ, they have been in the Top Five Most Requested for weeks, hitting #1 once or twice. We’re talking maybe Make It for real.

But shit happens. Things change and the Devil is in the Details. Yada - so who knows? But very exciting. My friend has worked with some top acts but had focused on jingle music for commercials - quite lucratively - for the past few years, so this is his re-entry. Pretty fucking cool - I am really proud of him.

Check out Le Disko.


that’s cautiously :smack: :smack:


I saw this band supporting Bob Mould in San Francisco last fall. They really weren’t my bag, but good luck to them nonetheless!

Hmm. Just downloaded Le Disko–they remind me a lot of Metric, and that’s not a bad thing at all. I will have to keep an eye on them.

We need more obscure music threads. My appetite for new music exceeds my ability to research for new bands.