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I watched CBS Sunday Morning this last week (March 11). The host did a segment where he played various songs on piano from a list of 365 songs. “Maggie May” was on there, along with “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?”. I think the number one was “Somewhere over the Rainbow” although I could be wrong. I’ve searched and found nothing. Does anybody know where I can find a copy of this list?

Also, on a fairly unrelated note does anybody know what the name of the song is that goes, “Money, money make the world go round. Money, money just bring me down now. Money, money make the world go round, and I’m looking for the higher ground.” I would have put this in another thread but I feel guilty asking this on its own. Thanks in advance.

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  2. The name of the song is “Money, Money” and it’s from the film/stage show “Cabaret”.

BobT, thanks for the link to website I found the list from there at

However, they left out Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” at 76 for some reason.

The song I’m thinking of is not the “Money, Money” one from Caberet. The one I’m thinking of is fairly new and more of a modern rock song that I have heard on the radio but have never caught the name of.

The song is called “Better Daze” and was done by a band called O.P.M. I know nothing about this band and have never heard the song, but I did a Google search on the lyrics.

Full lyrics here:

BobT wrote:

"The name of the song is “Money, Money” and it’s from the film/stage show “Cabaret”.

Just for the record, Bob, Kander & Ebb wrote a new “Money” song for the film of Caberet; so there are two distinctly different songs, one for the stage musical and another for the film.