CD Burners and MIDI Files

Is there a way to record MIDI or .wav files onto a CD as music, rather than files?

Is this straightforward? I don’t have any experience with writing CDs, other than the odd data CD here at work, so I don’t know how the music aspect works. I heard indirectly that MP3 files are readily recordable, in which case my question becomes, “Is there a way to convert MIDI or .wav files to MP3?”

In order to record music from your hard drive to a CD that can be played in a normal CD player, most burner software wants it in wav file format.
You can also record music to a CD as MP3 files, but it won’t play in a normal CD player. It will play through the sound card on your computer.
There is a shareware program that I use to convert from wav to MP3 and MP3 to wav. It’s called Cdex and is the fastest of the ones that I tried.
You should be able to find it via a search. I think the latest Windows Media Player will do some conversions as well.

As a side note, I just bought a Walkman type portable CD player that plays both conventional music CD’s and CDR’s and CDRW’s containing MP3 files.
In the MP3 mode you can get about 10 hours of music on one CD.

EZCD creator will burn cd directly from wave or mp3 files, there is no need to convert mp3 first. MIDI files arent really audio files, so they would need to be recorded into audio first. a midi files is just sort of a script of what notes to play and what instruments to play them on, your sound card plays the script with virtual instruments, and you would have the record the resulting sound first.

[slight hijack] What’s the model number and where did you get it?[slight hijack]

Actually this goes to the heart of my question. What I’m really trying to avoid is recording MIDI file onto audio tape and then playing back the tape to record the CD. I knew MIDI files weren’t audio, but I guess I was asking if there isn’t a way to have your sound card play them and at the same time record them directly to the CD. All the pieces are there, but can they work together that way?

Failing that, can I save the MIDI output as a .wav file? Apparently that is the preferred input for the CD. I know you can record .wav files with microphone input – can I use my soundcard output as the mike input?

Well, depending on the sound card, you should be able to simply record whatever is playing on your system. With my sound card (SB Live), if I have record on “What U Hear” or “MIDI” I can play MIDI files, with the environmental audio on, and record them in WaveStudio or another sound recording program. Then save those as WAV or MP3 and burn them to a CD. I also have a kick ass MIDI sample bank…it’s 42MB and has really great sounding instruments!