CD burning question

I need to burn my CD’s once and for all. I need to figure out how many CD’s I’ll need. My GQ’s: How do I figure out how much music is in my folders? Will any music that skips when listen to an Desktop fix itself on CD?

Put all your songs in one playlist and look at the total time in minutes. Divide by 80, then go buy that many blank 80-minute CDs, with maybe a couple extra. (Depending on how each song’s length works out, you’re not going to get exactly 80 minutes on a CD.) Any skipping isn’t going to work itself out, well, ever. You’ll need to re-rip the song to get rid of any imperfections.

You did rip all your songs legally, right?

how do you create a playlist?

If it skips when playing from your Desktop, it will also skip on the CD. There’s absolutely no way around that, unfortunately.

Why does the song skip? Are you running other programs that use a lot of cpu cycles? Is your computer underpowered (120Mhz was my minimum back when)? Is it a sound card problem? Is the mp3 itself damaged. A bad codec or other software problem? Etc. Hard to tell what will happen without knowing the cause.

One way I test things is to convert to .wav format and play that. If the error occurs in the same place, you have a bad file.

In Nero, latest versions, if you select a HD backup, it lets you know how many disks you need & you can back up just a folder too.

I agree that skipping is often caused by something running in the background that is using cpu cycles or just a slow cpu in general. If the songs skip at different locations, this is almost surely the case. Even if a song tends to skip at a particular location, it could still be that there is just particularly high system demands by the song at that point.

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert, but this has been my experience.

Just drag all of your MP3 files into your CD creator window. You may want to make a master folder into which you can store all of your music. That way you can just drag it (the master folder) into the software. At this point it should tell you the total minutes of music you have. You can also check the properties of the master folder and see how many megs or gigs of music you have and divide by the number of megs that a CD will hold. Some software will load all the files (MP3s) of a folder in default mode as soon as you open it up. Youll have to play with the software in order to figure out how to do this.

12 Gs of MP3 Each CD will hold 800 megs That would be app. 15 CDs

Now if you want to burn each CD into audio format (as oposed to MP3 format) youll need about 7 times as many CDs.

Are you burning them as MP3s for BACK UP? Or are you burning them so you can listen to them on your car stereo?