CD drive does not read new CD

Does anyone know why the CD drive in my computer will not read a brand spankin’ new CD, but it will read old, scratched up CDs? It doesnt make any sense to me.

It’s probably got one of those new copy protection schemes… they are designed not to work in computers.

It’s probably a Sony CD. There’s a ‘work around’ for this but I’m not sure if I can post it. Hopefully a mod will drop in and further advise me.

The ‘work around’ was widely published, by the way. Google ‘copyright marker CD’.

They are Sony (or divisions of Sony) CDs. The strange thing is that it actually played one of them once…just once. Now it doesnt play either of them.

I’d say just return it to the store. You bought it for your PC expecting it to work on one. If it doesn’t, you should get your money back. And this solution also doesn’t require vetting from a mod for legality first…

Cracking copy protection that prevents you from making unauthorized copies seems to be legal, according to the discussion here. Nonetheless, as any kind of lawsuit would shut this board down, I doubt the mods will let you post methods for doing that. So you’re stuck with google.

Check out Fat Chuck’s for a list of reported corrupt audio CDs. Note that the veracity of this list is disputed by the record companies who are, of course, honest beyond reproach.

I say you return it to the store, mentioning specifically why you are returning it.