CD Player for Audio Books?

Hi guys

I’ve been listening to audio books, but I have a problem with the books on cd. Each track is an entire chapter, and during my ride to work I always wind up getting there halfway through a track. When I go back to it later, the cd player I have will start at the track I left off at, but always at the begining of the track. It’s a pain in the butt to find where you left off! Does anybody know of a cd player that will pick up in the middle of the track were I left off? I need something portable for my car, and I’d rather not spend a lot. I’ve tried searching the web, but I can’t find any info like this. Thanks for your help!

I am sure someone will suggest a brand of CD player which will help. But in the meantime - have you got a cassette player? and a means to transfer your cd onto tapes?

I use a Rio Volt to listen to audio books. Just convert all the CDs in the audio book to MP3s or WMA files and put them all on one CD-R. The Rio Volt will resume at exactly the point where you turned it off. Amazon sells them for $63, last time I looked.

By the way, the Rio Volt will play and resume normal CDs – there’s no reason to convert them to MP3s first. I just find it more convenient to put the entire audio book on one CD so I don’t have to worry about swapping discs while driving.