CD question

I have this DVD player that also plays audio CDs…if I buy a CD from a store, it plays just fine. If I make a copy of that CD with a CD burner, it too plays fine.
But if I convert my mp3s to CD format, the disc will play in an ordinary stereo or CD player, but will NOT play on my DVD player. Anyone have an idea why?

Perhaps some sort of copy protection.

I considered that, but these are ‘illegal’ mp3s from Napster but rather Grateful Dead and other band’s live performances which are taped and distributed with the consent of the artist free of charge. Bands like the Dead, and several others allowed you to bring recording equipment to their shows and record the performance, and distribute (but not sell) these recordings free of charge. Some of these shows are available as mp3s on the internet, and when I convert them and burn them to disc they play on every CD player I own with the exception of the DVD. The DVD will burn a regular (copywrighted) CD if I burn a copy of it though, so I would think if copywright protection was an issue that it would affect those discs as well.

Some DVD players have trouble with CDRs in general so you might be out of luck. Since you can play CDRs that are copies of CDs, the issue might be Disc-at-once vs. Track-at-once. Try burning the CDR Disc-at-once instead.

Hadn’t thought of that…I’ll give it a try when I get home! thanks

ftg is correct. Some DVD players will play “standard” digital audio compact discs, but simply aren’t configured to be able to recognize CD-Rs, CD-RWs, etc.

Tried burning in “disc at once” mode and no luck. But the DVD player does recognize some CD-R, as long as they are copied directly from another CD …if the files started out as .mp3 files, it doesn’t see the disc. (Normal disc players do, just not the DVD player.)
Oddly enough, it did read a CD-RW but the audio skipped a heckuva lot, like someone was plugging/unplugging the speaker every couple of seconds. But the CD-R isn’t even recognized…the display just says ‘no disc.’

You might want to try a different brand or color of CD-R media.

Generally, gold colored CD-R media offer the best playback compatibility. In addition to this, you should burn at a slower speed for audio than for data. 4X is generally considered optimal, with lower burn speeds producing even better audio quality. Try using some high quality gold media, and burning at 4X or slower.

Try this site:

DVD players are notoriously picky about what sort of CD-R media they can recognize. Most DVD players have better luck with CD-RW media. My sony will recognize ONLY circuit city generic CD-R discs, but will work fine with most CD-RW discs.

Anyway, the above site has a nice search tool, and be sure to read the comments for your player, and most likely you’ll find a brand of CD-R media which will work for you.

This site is geard towards VCDs and SVCDs, but since it is a media issue and not a file format issue, the brands that will work for your player should work with audio CDs just fine.

Sorry… I missed that part. Obviously it is not a media issue.

Thanks for the help everyone…I’ll try some of the suggestions and let you know how I make out.

When you burn your MP3s onto the CDR, are you using the appropriate software to create an audio CD? Or are you just converting the MP3s to WAV format and burning a data CD? Check diku’s reply in this thread.

I am creating an audio disc, one that can be read by any CD player, discman, etc, or my computer. The only thing that can’t read the disc is my DVD player.

Oh, another thing to try with dics you’ve already burned track-at-once is to “finalize” them and see if they play then.

I’m not sure I know what you mean by “finalize”.

by finalize ftg means is the session closed on the disc. If you leave a session open on a disc, you can add more tracks on to the CDR at a later time (with some minimal time/data loss). If you close the session and finalize the disc, no more data can be written to the disc, period. The problem with leaving the session open/not finalizing an audio cd is sometimes cd players and dvd players react strangely to this. Good luck.

Are you using Windows XP? I was burning cds with MP3s on it for my MP3 CD player, and it wasn’t able to read the CD at all, even though any computer regardless of the OS was able to read it. I looked up the problem on Microsoft’s website and downloaded a patch. It fixes problems with XP’s burning software. Here’s the link:;en-us;Q320174


No, it’s Windows 98. broken and ftg, I’ll give that a try tonight. I noticed in the program I was using to burn the discs I can check the “disc at once” box, or the “close disc” box (which I assume is what you mean by ‘finalizing’?)…If I check “disc at once”, the “close disc” option becomes grayed out and I can’t select it; it’s like an either-or kind of thing, won’t let me pick both.