CD-R's, Double-Sided?

I know the DVD-R’s are double sided, and upon inspection they look like a normal cd, just double sided. Do they make a Double Sided CD-R. It looks as if they can. 1300/148 looks better than 650/74. And if it is possible why don’t they.


It’s possible, but CD is a dead standard. No one is going to invest any more effort into making a 1300 MB CD and drive, now that we have DVD, DVD-RAM, etc.

I’m not saying 1300mb CD, A double-sided CD-R that totals 1300mb, 650mb on each side.

…As CD-R/Rewriteble Drives are still a hot market for home and small office use. I’m not prepared to pay $4,000 for a DVD-R. As it will get cheaper(i’m waiting for $250), i’d just like to see a double-sided CD-R. Just Sayin’.

I understood your OP correctly - it’s just not that easy to make a double-sided CD that will work in existing drives without changing the drive architecture. Thus, my comment about no one investing the time and effort into it. DVD was designed to be double-sided, CD was not.

I thought DVD-RAM (the 3 GB version) were down to about $600, not $4000. I don’t have a price source in front of me, but in any event I think they are a lot cheaper than $4000.

Home-based DVD-RAM and DVD-RW units were just released in Japan yesterday. Fully functional units such as this(with copyright protection), are a bit less than $2100, street price there.

Anthracite, a PC-based unit costs as little as $350 from Creative labs, without the SCSI interface.


Oh, and I agree 100% that the CD is a dead standard, and not worthy of evolving to a double-sided format.

CD will be around quite some time, but with the exception of DACs and I/O interfaces, I don’t see much progress in it. The current DVD-RAM/RW format standards are too loose currently to be accepted very widely, and much work is ahead of the ‘power that be’ of the standards committees before they are easily acceptable.


$350? And you need SCSI? That is for the home, if the home is being turned into a studio and distribution company. No way am I going to pay that much for the sake of 5 fewer CDs to hold. How much are each of the DVD blanks anyway? I got my CD-RW for $109.

If anything, I rather go for the Orb.

In the beginning I used a floppy. Then I got stacks of floppys. Then I got zip disks. Then there were stacks of Zip disks. I got a cassette backup, then there were stacks of cassettes. So I got a cd writer, now there are stacks of cds. Next? A dvd writer, then there are going to be stacks of dvds.

Cap, dvd blanks are expensive still, about $20 each. About 18 gigs per disk if you use both sides. Have no idea how long it takes to write that many gigs.

Capacitor, I thought the price was allright, but not for the media. They’re about $20 a pop, and I’ve got no reason to archive that much crap. Hell, I don’t even backup :slight_smile:

Handy, the DVD’s are 13.7 GB I believe.

There’s also a “superdisk” in 2 separate standards formats(one from the Sony camp and one fromt he Philips(?) camp. I believe it will record over 50GB.


Anthracite, why would you need to change the drive architecture? Current CD drives don’t pay any attention to the label side of the disk, do they? Why would they care if there’s pits on that side, too? Effectively, it’d be just the same as having two CD’s on one disk: Instead of taking one out and putting the other in, you’d take one out, turn it over, and put the same disk back in. Sure, it’s not ideal, but it’s better than two separate disks.