.CDA files, Music CD's and Space

When I look at a music CD in Explorer I see:

Track01.cda 1 KB …
Track02.cda 1 KB …
Track03.cda 1 KB …

Now I know these songs take up more than 1KB of space so something’s being hidden here. I’m guessing that these Trackxx.cda files just hold header information and pointers to some blob of data which is the actual music. But how come the blob of data doesn’t show up in explorer. Isn’t the blob a file also?

Furthermore, when burning a CD, how do you know how much music the disc will hold. In other words, let’s say I have 20 MP3 songs I want to copy to a CD. How do I know in advance if the CD will hold all 20?

Note to mods: no illegal copying issues going on here.

That’s just the way Windows chooses to display audio CDs… there aren’t .cda files on a CD and they surely aren’t 1KB.

You can’t really know how much it will take, but you can get about 75 minutes of audio onto a CD. Most burner programs have a sort of progress bar that will show you how much space is left.