CDC confirms first case of ebola

…in the United States!


Apologies if someone already posted this first. Delete this thread if so, I just didn’t see it on a search.

Brace yourselves…

didn’t read your link.

tv news i saw did state the person was without symptoms and not contagious while on the plane. that symptoms developed days later. they are finding contacted people which includes the person’s family.

my opinion is ebola is bad.

Ugh ER’s are going to get slammed with every flu and cold patient absolutely panicked and convinced they have ebola.

people will panic but it will be contained.

I saw this on facebook and, sure enough, people are blaming President Obama. :rolleyes: :dubious: :mad:

This was a matter of time, and not surprising. Unless we are seeing Ebola spreading uncontrollably in the general population, it’s not a big deal.

I’m seeing people online panicking, so of course they’re going to be running to the ER at the first sniffle. Panic may cause more problems than Ebola, at least in this country.

People are blaming the President, of course, and talking about how the CDC is obviously lying because in the movies they couldn’t stop some virus. I’ve seen more than one “Captain Trips” reference.

For cripes sake, it’s not a movie or a Stephen King novel. It’s not as contagious as the flu and we have the infrastructure to contain it. People need to calm down.

We’re all going to die!!!

Most likely not from ebola, but still…

Is Obama Randall Flagg or Stu Redman? I assume the former. Come to think of it, Joe Biden would make a great Lloyd Henried.
Oh, Ebola? That’s some scary shit, man. I’m more afraid of mass hysteria than evola, however.

We are having ebola problems now? Bomb Iraq again.

Why not? It worked so well against the West Nile virus.

Shit! Time to raid the Walmart. I need to get guns, ammo, gas, food , water, and some more guns. And some more ammo. Going underground, hope some of you are still around when this is over!

And, if my NSA overlords are watching, the above is called sarcasm. It is a device used to point out the stupidity of others.

So far none of my Facebook friends have freaked, but if they do I’ll post this:

K, I made a note for your file, thanks.

PS: Umm… I’d go ahead and password protect that one folder. You know, the one, with the… stuff in it. I mean it won’t stop m…err… unnamed large agencies, but it’ll at least slow down curious significant others, who might not understand your whole Jennifer Love Hewitt thing.