CDC drops covid quarantine and 6-foot guidelines

Driven by the knowledge that 95% of Americans over 16 years old have acquired some degree of immunity from the coronavirus (either from vaccination or previously being infected), the CDC has decided to drop its recommendation that people quarantine themselves after close contact with an infected person. It has also dropped the 6-feet-of-social-distancing recommendation.

That seems sensible, and good news for me. I have a two week business trip to the states in a month or so and anything that smooths the way and limits complications is good for me.

Working for a US company in the UK we’ve had the added wrinkle of loosening UK restrictions not being fully reflected in our site policy because the corporate policy (US-generated) looks more to CDC guidelines.

In some circles, this is just more proof that the CDC isn’t following science or the best interests of health, but is buckling under political pressure to get people back to work for the sake of the economy.

… this happened quite some time ago.

I am completely shocked and disillusioned by the idea of medicine adapting to changing conditions and evidence by revising recommendations on disease prevention.

Well, in this case, the argument is that (to those making the argument) all the evidence is that continuing restrictions is the obviously correct thing to do, so the only reason to ease them is to throw people into a meat grinder for the sake of making the 1% money.

This isn’t obvious to me at all. Everyone I know who has had it, since they got vaxxed and boosted, had a very mild case – maybe a fever, some aches, sore throat.

People who are unvaxxed are 6x as likely to die from it (2x as likely, given they have a case, 3x as likely to get infected in the first place). I’m not willing to continue draconian restrictions in order to protect the willingly unvaxxed.

You obviously are not one of the people referred to in Leaper’s post that you quoted.