CDNOW and their damn SPAM

Geez… how many emails do they send me a week? Like 10?? And the message at the bottom says to make it stop I have to login at some page… like I really remember my login and password for their site. It says “first name, last name, password” so I have NO idea what I put, since I always use “opalcat” as my login. Anyway… I’m getting really pissed, and you can bet I’ll never buy anything from the bastards.

O p a l C a t

Just mark the sender “Block Sender”. The message will go directly to the trash bin.

The alternative is to browse their site, find the send password to me page, and then go to the delete me page.

It’s easier to “Block Sender”.

I always considered SPAM unwanted unasked for email. But, from what I understand CDNOW gets their email addresses from people who logged into their site. I am pretty sure when you log in, you are able to check whether or not you want to recieve their product emails.
I wouldn’t consider it SPAM in the sincerest form, since there IS a way to stop it.
I guess thats too strict a definition, though.
But, yes CDNOW emails are annoying, I just delete them once they come in anymore. The only reason I get them is because once in a while they have sent out a nice coupon that I combine with a gift certificate to get stuff for free. I don’t think I would ever buy anything from the company either.


I copied this from my post in regard to Online buying:

“I made the mistake of buying from CDNow, and they charged me with some ridiculous $75 fee on my Visa…saying I opted for some “Vision and Hotel Savings package” ??? They finally reversed the charges, but after repeated emails to their site and no response/apology/ANYTHING, I gave up. I suppose they are OK if you can get a CD with no problems, but god forbid you need some feedback or service from them. It’s just one person’s experience, FWIW.”


Actually I never have bought anything from them… I only have a login because I joined their affiliate program at one point. No, there was no option to say yes or no to mailings.

What I’m going to do is just block their email on the server, so that it bounces back to them and I never even have to download it.

O p a l C a t