CD's: A Burning Issue

      • I have looked on a few FAQ’s about this and cannot find an answer…
  • I have a CD-RW drive that came bundled with Ahead/Nero/InCD software. My question is, if you burn an ISO (data) CD to a CD-RW, can the CD-RW still be reused, or not? I have tried this a couple of times and it does not work; the CD seems to be rendered unreadable at all. Just now I had burned 300+ megs to a CD-RW and it read fine, but today I needed to be able to move 18 megs of stuff… So, I re-burn the CD (single-session, ISO data) with Nero and with only the new 18 megs of stuff, and now it can no longer be read. Looking at the CD, it appears that the new data has been burned beyond the original 300 megs instead of around the very center. When the CD is inserted, it spins and spins andspins but never lets you access the window that would show the contents; if I hit the CD-RW drive icon the computer just says “resource unavailable”.

    I am still using the bundled software, but it does accept updates and is updated to the latest version- as I understand, the retail version has some video-burning features mine don’t, but that’s the only difference I have heard of. Is re-using an ISO CD-RW this way supposed to work or not? - DougC

If I am understanding you right, you wanted only the new 18MB of stuff on there, with the old stuff gone?

First, are you SURE that your disc (and drive) is a CD-RW and not just a regular CD-R? Second, make sure that you erase the disc before you attempt to reuse it. Nero’s quick erase function should do the job, but if it doesn’t, the full erase definately will.

Also, what version of Nero is it? There were some significant changes from 5.0 to 5.5.

I have a TDK CD-RW drive which came bundled with InCD and Nero. When you format a CD-RW disc and have InCD, you use it just like a floppy. You don’t have to use a burn utility. (When you say ISO, though, maybe you mean you burned it some other way so that you don’t need InCD, which I presume uses a proprietary format, because if you burn it with InCD you have to have InCD to read it again.) So I don’t know how you burned in the 18M but maybe you actually burned it in, wiping out the first 300M.

Assuming you are not confusing the standard CD write mode with InCD (or equivalent) a CDRW will normally behave just like a CDR with the exception of a limitation on the speed that you can write to it. When you burn files or “sessions” to a CDR/CDRW you can either burn it as an open (ie you can add to it) series of sessions or you can can “close” the CD at which pont nothing further can be added.

The default setting for most burning programs is normally to add sessions, not overwrite them (as you seem to want to do). I think you need to review your default settings and make sure the CDRW is erased before you attempt a new burn session or it may behave as you have described.

I’ve never heard of a CDRW not being able to be erased. Maybe you’d like to try Roxio’s CD Creator…I’ve looked @ nero before and have never liked it. Roxio is the top dog for me.


CDs work differently than disks. You never “overwrite” what’s on a CD. If you want to overwrite what’s on the CD-RW disc, you have to erase the disc first, then write everything all over again. It sounds like you just didn’t realize there was an “erase” function for CD-RW discs.