Ceasar was Brutus's Dad

Ok, my favorite book by far is shakespeare’s Ceasar. At a certain passage in the play there is a line where Ceasar makes a comment about Brutus being his own son (perhaps its the other way around). Regardless I’ve heard where Ceasar was having an affair with Brutus’s mother, and that in fact it is possible that Ceasar was in fact brutus’s father. Has this myth ever been proven, or is it even possible to prove? Thanks.

My understanding is that, errrrm, ‘his’ father was Decimus Junius Brutus, not JC. I read that theory somewhere as well, but they point out that JC would have been 15 when he sired Brutus. Not impossible, but unlikely.

Can’t find the site where I originally read about this, but here is the Wiki entry on Brutus.

I think McCullough’s blockbuster novelisations of Roman history may have popularised the idea of Caesar fathering Brutus.