Cecil and MENSA

Well alrighty then. Apparently the OP is written in secret MENSA code.

[sub]mods, what is up with these things?[/sub]

Hmm. I guess only MENSA members can access it.

What, you can’t see it???


Good thing I copied the OP before sending it.

While the last thing I want to do is stir up another “Does Cecil Exist” debate, I felt the need to start this thread. I will therefore ask politely that people who just want to post “Cecil doesn’t exist, you are all idiots” please refrain from doing so.

Now, in this column, Cecil says:

Did Cecil ever address a MENSA convention? Do we have any records of this?

Strangely enough, all the people present at that Mensa convention have mysteriously disappeared.

OK, this is probably nuts, but I’ve got to give it a shot. I’m program chair for the Pittsburgh Mensa Regional Gathering, and, if the great god Cecil would deign to speak, I’d be thrilled, honored, etc.! Women who like intelligent men are a given, as and (brainy chick) vice versa. Heck, these are people who think intelligence in general is sexy. If any of our illustrious moderators would deign to speak, I would also be delighted and honored. More to the point, I can offer chocolate.

Your sincerely grovelling servant,