Cecil, I'm calling you out!

…because you don’t post enough around here. You have the post count of a newbie!!! So like post more often, um-kay. Otherwise I’m going to have to resort to renegade doper tactics like promoting ignorance. ::::shutter:::: And noooooo, ::shaking head:: you don’t want to go there!

[sub](shhh, be quiet, I’m trying to get him to post here in the pit) tiptoeing off…[/sub]

Silly me, I mean’t to post this in the pit.

Darnit, I feel dumb now.

::slapping self upside head::

Send 'er over Coldie if you will, thanks.

I’m not bothering my boss with this nonsense in any forum, Silo.

Should you feel the need to open it again in the Pit: I hear Alphagene had some bad turkey last night. He might not be one to mess with today.