Cecil vs. William Poundstone: Who would win if it came down to fisticuffs?


I have long wondered…who would emerge victorious if things got “down and dirty?” Both individuals are noted authorities on all kinds of head-scratching esoteric topics. However, blow-for-blow, who would be the “true” alpha-being? I submit this query in full knowledge that they may actually be one and the same (in a J. Edgar Hoover kind of way…you know what I mean).

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Well, In My Humble Opinion, I think that Cecil would win, if for no other reason than because he has the good people of this message board backing him up. If, by some weird alignment of the planets, or some unexplainable phenomenon, Cecil can’t figure out an answer, he always has the patrons of the SDMB to help him out. There are some really intelligent people out here, who can answer just about anything you throw at them.

Oh, and welcome to the boards, greensleeves!

Cecil 1, Poundstone 0

Cecil is still publishing.
Life didn’t end in the mid-90’s.

Fisticuffs is a little violent – I suggest tag team wrestling. Ed Zotti qualifies as a minor pundit – he wrote the (derivative) Know it All – so he joins forces with Unca Cece. For their opponents, team William “Big Secrets” Poundstone with Joel “Why Things Are” Achenbach.

I don’t think it would be much of a contest. Unca Cece’s biggest challenge will be to avoid tripping over Little Ed.

Cecil would win.

Poundstone wouldn’t be able to land a single punch.

I think Williams smarter… :o

As if it would even come to a fight. Cecil would vaporize Poundstone from 500 miles away with his radioactive eye-beams.


I first read this as Paula Poundstone and I thought Cecil might be in trouble.


My abject apologies for placing this question in the “Great Debates” section. All I can say is, it seemed like the thing to do at the time (considering the timeless dilemma it presents). Personally, as far as my question’s outcome is concerned, I prefer to imagine Cecil and William Poundstone enjoying afternoon tea and scones like old buddies, reading each others’ fan mail and laughing their asses off (assuming, of course, that W.P. even receives fan mail).

A tip of the hat to everyone for their help in this tender matter!



Damn you Honey! You beat me to it!


BTW, in case you were wondering, William and Paula Poundstone are actually cousins.