cecil's brain

hey where is search cecil’s brain on the new web page ? If you don’t have one now , are you ever going to put one in ? I loved that . I could go and look up stuff I always wondered about and find the answers . It was one of the great pleasure’s of visiting The Straight Dope !

MODERATOR NOTE: This thread is from 1999, and is largely not relevent to anything anymore. – CKDH


This thread certainly has been around a long time. :smiley:

This thread certainly has been around a long time. :smiley:

Howcome the OP of this thread is shown as ‘Guest’? Did something get lost along the way or something? :confused:

This thread certainly has been around a long time. The software from the “old days” apparently loses the OP’s name in modern usage. Something about hamsters.

nm duplicate

That was before we all got names. Good times.

back when we all had quick anonymous casual intercourse with each other. good times indeed.

Way back when, this board ran on different software. When we transitioned to vB, there were a few cases where some of the data got lost. Some usernames on very old threads were such a case.

MODERATOR NOTE: I’m closing this thread.

(1) The purpose of the thread was that the first Straight Dope website listed an area as “Search Cecil’s Brain” (including an illustration by Slug that was disgustingly amusing – or amusingly disgusting, as your prefer.) That was dropped with the website re-design (in 1999, I guess) and replaced with what we now call “Archives.”

(2) As Chronos says, a lot of the usernames on old threads were swallowed by the transition to vB.

Since none of this is relevant to anything, I’m closing the thread.