Cecil's Column Made It To the "Breaking News" page on "Fortean Times"

Fortean Times is the magazine of unexplainable events & phenomena.
Cecil’s Column on the Tungusta Event made it to their webpage.

See “Breaking News” for March 5, 2003

Should Unca Cecil be flattered or insulted by this? :confused:

Wow! Dex was right about “fame and fortune” awaiting. Pity none of it is mine.

I’m not clear on how something that happened in 1908 is “breaking news”.

Whatever happened, something broke. :slight_smile:

The Fortean Times magazine occasionally references Straight Dope. Most recent time I can recall the Mythconceptions column cited this classic article when debunking the duck quack echo story, and described it as “one of the finest popular science pieces you will ever read”. (I paraphrase from memory).

I think Cecil should be honored. I’ve read the occasionaly issue many times.

Fortean Times published an article on Tunguska in which one of the theories was that one of Nikola Tesla’s experiments went horribly wrong (or right?)…couldn’t find it on their site, though.

That article is how I found my way here.

T. Slothrop


Stay awhile. Enjoy the madness!

The water is fine. Dive right in! :slight_smile: