Celbrity Death Match: Nick Jr Edition

Spike, my four year old, has just discovered The Wonderpets. As far as kids’ shows go, it’s pretty good. Unfortunately for me, he likes to watch with his parents. I like it, it’s a fun, little show. It’s enjoyable.

Why do I say unfortunately? Because of how my brain works. I can’t help but wonder what would happen if Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming were to find themselves captured by the Metrons, and forced to fight to the death.

My money’s on Ming-Ming. She can fly, and has the tactical advantage.

This is sewious!

Ming Ming? Sewiously? Tuck is equipped with armor plating, I’d like to see that duckling or guinea pig chew their way through that. At any rate, the three of them are worse than useless on their own, they can only succeed through teamwork.

I recommend a cross show death match.

Wonderpets vs. Wubbzy

On the Wonderpets side, they’re superheroes, have the FlyBoat, and utilize teamwork. Wubbzy has his buddies, Walden to create the battle plan, Widget to build the WuzzleTank 3000, and Daizy for moral support.

Who can we get to thrash The Fresh Beat Band?

I would like to nominate Dino Dan, the entire cast, for the death match.

Although that might not be fair, as it is my wife’s belief that Dan attends a school for “special” children. Still they might be match for the Fresh Beat Band.

But the coolness factor of her Biggles cap more than makes up for Tuck’s armor.


I like this idea even better.

I can see it now: Wonderpets Vs The Backyardigans.

♫Wonderpets, Wonderpets
Get off the grass.
We’ll work together
To kick your ass♫