Celebrate with me! I got a really good performance review!

YAY for me! I was nervous about this one since my supervisor did it this time (instead of the Assistant Director, who is out of the office on a special project), and she tends to be a nervous worrier type: everything needs to be done yesterday. Very hard to please.

So anyway I got good marks for everything, but especially “courtesy and cooperation” and “sensitivity to the general public,” and she described me as “exceptional in customer service to students and departments alike.” (I work at a public university.)


And I’m not even sure what I was worried about. I mean I AM good at my job. I never miss deadlines. I follow up on stuff promptly. This is really a load off my mind.

Congratulations! :slight_smile:


I got a mediocre review to go with my mediocre performance. I was just glad I didn’t get fired.