Celebrities Who Have Had Abortions

There were rumours that Marlene Dietrich had an abortion following an affair with Jimmy Stewart during the filming of Destry Rides Again. I’ve seen some accounts where Stewart is angry that she is pregnant and so he dumps her and so she ends the pregnancy because of sadness over his response. I’ve also seen accounts that claim the whole pregnancy, including the abortion, was lies told by Dietrich, angry at being dumped at the end of an affair, to get back at Stewart.

Don’t worry Markxxx, some of us saw this part of your post.

Adhering to the spirit of the thread title, Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam wrote in an article once that he and his then-girlfriend had an abortion.

Although Sylvia Plath was known to have had at least one miscarriage (between the births of Frieda and Nicholas, ) I can’t locate anything that positively concludes that she ever had an abortion. Anyone?

Suzanne Somers
Judy Collins
Yoko Ono

A former heroin addict who decides that NOW all heroin addicts should be executed is a hypocrite, yes. It isn’t just the opinion about abortion, it’s the attempt to punish people criminally for something you did yourself with no consequences. Trying to talk women out of getting abortions would not be hypocritical. Trying to put them in jail is hypocritical.

Who is trying to put them in jail? Patricia Neal never did. She wasn’t trying to criminalize it, just convince women not to put themselves through the grief she went through. Do you even read the material before you make pronouncements?

I do not think she suggested anyone be executed for having an abortion…

Read what material? There wasn’t any link. Sampiro just said she became an “anti-abortion activist.” I assumed that meant she wanted it to be illegal.

It was an anology. If she wanted abortion to be illegal for everybody else but not for her, then she was a hypocrite.

You’re right; I was too hasty. It’s an unsubstantiated rumor with little to back it up.

Down the Dio hole we go…

Your logic is wrong. Should a person who quits smoking cigarettes be considered hypocritical for urging people not to smoke?

Neal didn’t campaign for abortion to be illegal. She advised women to not have abortions based on her grief at not continuing her pregnancy.

It’s a slippery slope.

No, but they are hypcrites if they want to make smoking illegal.

Cite that she was pro-choice?

This is tiresome and stupid. Sampiro is the one who first called Patricia Neal a “hypocrite” in this thread. Why aren’t you attacking him?

It’s tiresome and stupid entirely on you, Dio. People aren’t beating on Sampiro about it because you’re the one who defended the word and became aggressive about it. Also, likely, because of your history of flying off the handle and having not one inch of compromise in you.

True or not. Justified or not. You’ve certainly built that reputation. I, for one, believe it to be earned.

Honestly, I thought hard about posting what I did earlier simply because you were in the thread and that you would go on this kick was as predictable as the night following the day. You do, through your behavior patterns, create a classic ‘chilling effect’ on debate and discussion.

Your answers utterly discount the concept of personal growth and development. You don’t acknowledge that a person could go through what they perceive as a traumatic experience and come out changed in viewpoint and attitude when that is a standard behavior of human beings.

In addition, you hugely jumped to a conclusion. Did you have any idea whether Patricia Neal (who is, prior to this, only a name to me) advocated for making abortion illegal? I have my doubts. Yet you justified your stance through a belief that she did. That, sir, is pointless and dishonest.

If you can’t defend the position, then don’t defend it.

And you are quite right - it is very tiresome and very stupid.

So fucking stop doing it.


I didn’t become aggressive about it.

This is tiresome, fraudulent bullshit. A question was asked. I answered it. People then wanted to argue with the answer so now that somehow is a “behavior” on my part. Bullshit.

I said that it’s not hypocritical for a person to regret a choice or try to talk people out of making the same choice, but it IS hypocritical to try to criminalize it after you did it yourself.

Yes. I knew who she was, and when she died, many of the stories pointed out that she had become a strongly catholic, pro-life, anti-Roe advocate in her later years.

I have defended it very well, actually, and I’m curious as to why Sampiro gets a free ride for saying it first. If he comes back and defends his initial statement, will it then become “the Sampiro Show?”