Celebrities you were surprised to find out were straight

Anyone got the “Straight” Dope on ol’ Barry Manilow???

I think I read (Rolling Stone?) that he has been married to a woman for many years, and while he played gay bars a lot when his career was just starting out, he was personally full-on hetro, even though he was often identified with gay culture…

Stuart Goddard aka Adam Ant. Every member of Depeche Mode, apparently.

I could have sworn that I’d heard years ago that Jason Alexander (George on Seinfeld) was gay. Turns out he’s been married since the early '80s and has two kids.

Not a household name in his own right, but I thought for years that Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament was gay. The only overt evidence for this was that in the early '90s he wore one of those pink triangle “SILENCE = DEATH” t-shirts in a couple of photo shoots and interviews. He also made a few comments in interviews about AIDS awareness and IIRC even once mentioned that he hadn’t really fit in with his basketball teammates in college and that they’d called him a fag in the locker room. Given what little else I knew about Ament personally – lapsed Catholic, athletic but artistic, studied graphic design in college, penchant for flamboyant hats, came from a small town in Montana but said he’d known from the time he was 12 or 13 that he had to get out and be in a bigger city – well, I connected the dots in a certain way.

I’m a big enough Pearl Jam fan that I’d have heard if Ament had ever come right out and said he was gay, but I figured he didn’t want to make a big deal about it either because he’s a private person or because his family wasn’t comfortable with it. As the years went by he remained the only member of Pearl Jam who never got married and didn’t have kids, and I figured I knew why. Then a couple of years ago I read an article describing some charitable work Ament and his partner had been involved with. (The article used the word “partner”.) “Aha!” I thought, until I read the partner’s name…an uncommon but definitely feminine one. Actually, I wasn’t sure even then, but there was an accompanying photo and the person pictured with Ament was clearly a woman. I was rather surprised, but realized I’d had little reason for thinking he was gay in the first place.

A few months ago I read an interview that tied in with the re-release of Ten where Ament talked about his life pre-Pearl Jam. He said when he’d first moved to Seattle in the '80s he’d gotten a job at a cafe where most of the other staff was gay or “experimenting”. He said although he wasn’t the hippest or even the most tolerant young man at that time, the other cafe employees kind of took him under their wings and helped him a lot in adjusting to life in the city. So I guess that whatever interest he has in gay rights or AIDS awareness was thanks to the influence of these friends and not because of his own sexual orientation.

Greg Norton, the bassist from Husker Du. I mean, look at that goddamn mustache:


Apparently, however, he was the only one in the band who WASN’T gay:

Presumably the only heterosexual member of the Hüskers; singer-songwriter-drummer Grant Hart and singer-songwriter-guitarist Bob Mould are both openly gay. This is especially ironic since Greg Norton is the one with the handlebar mustache, the one wearing a cowboy hat in the “Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely” video, and the one who quit music to become a recognized chef.

I think the rumor was closer to “Crane was deeply immersed in the swinger lifestyle and that may have involved some ‘experimentation.’” Versions of the murder story I’ve heard contained overtones that the “friend” who’s widely suspected of having killed Crane had some sort of “complicated” feelings toward Old Bob.

For whatever reason I don’t get the same vibe on Jackman.

I just looked up a contemporary picture of Patinkin. He’s looking more and more like someone’s Uncle Murray and no one would call his current look as fey as I might have thought 15 years ago.

What’s the word on Moby?

Evan Lysacek says he has no girlfriend nor is he dating anyone


Seems like the gymnast may be after him but he doesn’t feel the same way towards her

Gotta say I’m in this boat, too.

“My wife and I were watching …”

Your what and you?

Mentioned in the other thread but I’ll repost:

Bronson Pinchot- would have bet my cuticles he was “one of us gooble gobble”; he’s not only straight but apparently something of a horndog.

Dave Coulier always struck me as gay but again- in addition to his wife he’s been romantically associated with a couple of famous women.

Pete Burns was married for 25 years. 'Nuff said.

She’s pretty cute too.

David Tennant? not a ping. Ira Glass? A forced admission that I could never figure out guys from the entire eastern seaboard, though I grew up not that far inland.

Which, I suppose, explains the surprise when midwestern cow-orkers realize I’m straight. Who knew?

I have said this before, and I’ll say it again:


You may pick up on a mannerism or speech pattern here or there, but you tend to pick up on the wrong things more than the right. The posts in this thread are a testament to that.

But my gaydar works very well, and with my last dying breath I will steadfastly maintain that these two people are gay, regardless of their marriages or offspring:

Regis Philbin.

S. Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.

How does Florida Governor Charlie Crist read on your gaydar?

I don’t care if he has 18 illegitimate children and a girl in a gold bikini chained to his chair and Paris Hilton runs a website called “Cesar Millan is the best hetero sex I ever had dot com”, there is no way that man is straight. If he could pass a ‘peter meter’ test I’d give you my kidneys.

I think Prince, like Ricky Martin mentioned in the other thread, and other artists (though mostly only known in Spanish-speaking places), are not hetero or homosexuals… They’ll go with whatever.

So Prince has probably bedded more people than you know, period. :wink:

I always thought Rob Lowe was gay. Surprised me when his sextape came out and he was caught with two women.

Reminds me of Blackadder Goes Forth, Episode 2, “Corporal Punishment”:

Truly they are/were entitled to what they wanted, but these three, all already mentioned will always make me wonder:

Tony Randall
Kelsey Grammar
Paul Shaffer

Kelsey Grammar moreso after Cheers. Every character on Fraiser except Daphne looked ragingly gay, including Bulldog. Even for Hollywood it was a bit much.