I am not particularly a celebrity person but opening up one of my news channels this couple is everywhere. Yes folks, we are talking Kim whatevericantspell her name and Kanye West, moronable for his Nokia song take.

They are on Vogue, I mean Vogue.

Do dopes like these really need to have their private lives up for all to see?

It’s what they do for a living.

Celebrities are people who are famous for being famous.

I understand the phenomenon but absolutely can’t get inside the head of someone who admires/follows/obsesses over these hollow shells and their every word and movement.

“Celebrity” is like “accountant” or “CEO”. Some are decent, some should be beaten with a stick, and some are an insult to the stick that really needs to beat them.

I’d put the shoe on the other foot: if they could be up in your privacy, what would they do? Would they be ok with it all, or would they be total power-abusing sh-t heads?

From there, I’d treat them in kind.
(Or wouldn’t that be fair?)

underline added. I’m not sure very many people do that. My guess is that the attention given to people like this is about a mile wide and half an inch deep. Lots of people pay a little attention, for kicks and grins, but almost no one really cares very much.

I’d agree but for the vast and endlessly profitable industry of doing nothing more than reporting these people’s ass-wipes, sneezes and farts. It’s like the magazine surveys that show everyone loves [insert high-brow magazine here] and no one reads [insert scummy gossip rag here]… but the latter has more millions in circulation than the former does thousands.

SOMEBODY is interested in it, and I don’t believe it’s entirely one moment of attention from everyone.

I was about to say (till Amateur Barbarian beat me to it) that if your last sentence were true, there would be no supermarket tabloids or gossip mags, and a fairly significant number of cable and network TV schedules would have big holes in them.

These media outlets could not prosper if millions of people paid only “a little attention” and “didn’t really care very much.”