Celebrity car crash deaths

Turns out I have a friend who wants a list.

We’ve got a few recent or very well known ones, but there must be many more. No need to include race car driver dying in races.

The starting list:
Jane Mansfield
James Dean
Princess Di
Paul Walker

There must be dozens or hundreds more.

Steve Prefontaine.

Harry Chapin.

Grace Kelly

Desmond Llewellyn. (aka Bond’s “Q”)

Isadora Duncan? Died in a car, not necessarily from a crash.

Marc Bolan

Duanne Allman- motorcycle
Steve Allen

News gal Jessica Savitch
Korean War General Walton Walker.
George Patton? Died from complications of a crash

Hate to end this but I don’t think we can come up with a better list than this.

Lisa Lopes - “Left Eye” from the singing group TLC

you prevented a pile-up.

Well that’s no fun at all.

Bob Simon from “60 Minutes” was just recently killed in a car accident.

Oh, and add Sam Kinison to the list.

Some NHL players while still active:

Pelle Lindbergh
Dan Snyder
Steve Chiasson

Wow. Yeah, that’s pretty good list. It even has my obscure NHLers on it.

More here.

Well if you’re gonna cheat. Hmmmmmph.

I did find some surprises on there, however. Pierre Curie? I would have thought he’d died of some disease related to his work, as Marie did. Buford T. Pusser? Isn’t that the sheriff guy? You mean, he didn’t die in a shoot out? And, ironically, car designer Bugatti.

These are people who died in “road accidents”, and early on I see someone who was killed by a “horse drawn vehicle”.

Thuy Trang, the first yellow power ranger, was killed in a car crash.

They also list pedestrians on that wiki page, but don’t have 1970s Detroit Tigers’ third basemen Aurelio Rodríguez.