Celebrity Cartoons

A number of Real-Life Celebrities…especialy musicians…have had cartoon series made. For example:

The Beatles
The Jackson 5
New Kids On The Block
Kid n Play
Muhammed Ali
Super Dave Osborne
Mr. T
WWF Superstars of Wrestling

Did anyone make a cartoon series of Elvis Presley?

What other celebs have toons?

I don’t know of a Presley tune unless you count Johnny Bravo.

I do remember a Brady Bunch cartoon, a Chuck Norris cartoon and a Gilligan’s Island cartoon.

I meant Presley TOONS, of course, not tunes. I know lots of Elivis TUNES.

Harlem Globetrotters?

Harlem Globetrotters.

I remember the Osmonds cartoon. Pity me.

I knew of the Chuck Norris Toon, but was it a series or a one-shot deal?

Also, I remember a Partridge Family toon (set in the future…like The Jetsons), and a Rick Springfield toon (Mission;Magic).

Nope. No Elvis cartoon was ever made. As for cartoons based on real life celebrities that didn’t have the celebrity solely as a live-action host a la Fat Albert, in addition to the one’s named above, I can think of…

-Hulk Hogan
-MC Hammer
-Harlem Globetrotters (and the truly obnoxious Super-Globetrotters)
-Jackie Chan

Of course, lots of live action shows have been transformed to cartoon form, as have quite a few famous characters from live-action shows, such as the Fonz, Punky Brewster, and Ed Grimley.

Would “The Three Robonic Stooges” count? (Yes, it’s robonic, not robotic.)

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Al Roker’s made at least a couple of animated appearances, as himself.

I don’t know why, either.

When I was a kid, back in the 60s, there were Laurel & Hardy and Abbot & Costello cartoon shows on tv. The former was produced by Larry “Bozo” Harmon, who was the voice of Stan Laurel, and the latter had Bud Abbott voicing himself.

MC Hammer had one.

That’s not entirely fair. Bill Cosby shot the live-action “bumper” segments of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, but he also appeared in the cartoon - one of the kids was named “Bill” and had a younger brother named “Russell”. Cosby provided the voice for “Bill” (and Albert, and several others).

Bill Cosby really does have a brother named Russell and in that sense, the cartoon was semi-autobiographical of Bill Cosby’s childhood in Philadelphia. Cosby even has a comedy routine about growing up with Fat Albert and was using it before the cartoon series started - Albert was the secret weapon in their “buck-buck” competitions.

The series is actually typical of Cosby’s comedy routines. He’s never really the center of any of his anecdotes; they’re usually about his relatives and friends and other whacky characters. when he is the center of the comedy, he actually gets kind of insufferable, since he resorts to endless mugging.

The eX-Presidents

There was a proposed cartoon series for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but a variety of morals charges were levied at the group in the course of the pitch.

Lost In Space The Cartoon. I only have the pilot episode, so I don’t know if it went any further.

The orginal Star Trek had a cartoon - starring the voices of most of the original cast.

Also, don’t forget the Star Wars christmas special, (1978 I think), there was a Boba Fett cartoon that starred the voices of the cast of the first movie.

I’m not sure if these really count.

Cartoon-ized versions of pre-existing fictional characters don’t count.