Celebrity Contacts - inspired by a dumb pit thread

Hi all. I’m 50 years old. I’ve lived in NYC, Richmond, VA, Wilmington, DE, and currently live in the ATL area. I’m not a celebrity, but I’ve met or talked to a few.

I did a play in my senior year of high school at St Francis Prep with John Turturro. (He attended Delahanty HS but starred in our production of Pippin in 1975). He’s been to my house and I actually kissed him once, and I became good friends with his cousin** Aida** Olinda Turturro and hung out with her at home in The Village and she spent weekends with me and my family in Hollis.

I met Eddie Murphy at a club in Jamaica Queens called Encore. He was on SNL and hadn’t reached fame in the movies yet. He was nice, but had an entourage of idiots.

I met the group Kool and The Gang backstage - I was a songwriter then, and one of my partners found a way to get us into The Garden. I met Fonda Rae backstage too.

I choreographed for a singing group, The Waller Family for about a year and their grandma became babysitter for my girls. They had mild fame on R&B stations in the south.

I met Spike Lee at a holiday party I attended with a guy my mother MADE me go out with. His mother was her sorority sister. This was before his first film was released.

As a hospital employee for an exclusive unit I met Cyrus Vance, Raul Julia Phoebe Cates, and Ralph Lauren. I had real conversations with all of them.

I was a roller skating extra for the film ATL and met T.I., Albert Daniels, and Jackie Long as well as his girlfriend Serena Williams on the set.

I met Terry Brooks at a book festival here in Atlanta last year and I met Amiri Baraka at the book festival this year.

I know a few famous poets. Abyss has been a friend, I know* Seria Mills* - had Thanksgiving with her last year and we speak regularly.
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Do any of you know any celebrities?

Ahem. Been there, done that.