Celebrity Death Pool 2016

Tommy Chong
Valerie Harper
Jimmy Carter
Linda Rondstadt
George HW Bush
Monty Hall
Al Jaffee
Pat Harrington
Jenny Diski
Joey Feek
Artie Lange
Dick Dale
Mark Calaway

Nancy Reagan
Steve Schirripa
David Schwimmer
Clarifying one entry: Mark Calaway is the professional wrestler known as The Undertaker.

The year the music dies…

Stevie Wonder
Randy Meisner
Smokey Robinson
Jim Steinman
Peter Yarrow
Keith Richards
Robert Plant
David Bellamy
Rod Stewart
Elton John
Glen Campbell
Gloria Gaynor
Pat Boone
Meat Loaf
Bill Anderson
Lionel Richie

I usually keep people alive by putting them on my list, but last year I got Leonard Nimoy. Sooooo…who to replace him with? Hmmm…Charles Osgood, who hosts Sunday Morning, ain’t lookin’ all that good these days.

So my list of semi-immortals, with a rookie joining up:

George H. W. Bush
Barbara Bush
Lindsay Lohan
Queen Elizabeth
Olivia de Havilland
Jimmy Carter
Muhammad Ali
Angela Lansbury
Johnny Depp
Tom Selleck
Judi Dench
William Shatner
Charles Osgood

Pope Francis
Vladimir Putin

Abe Vigoda
Harlan Ellison
Muhammad Ali
Meat Loaf
Jimmy Carter
The Amazing Johnathan
Pat Boone
Pat Robertson
Kirk Douglas
John Rhys-Davies
Hal Holbrook
Burt Reynolds
Loni Anderson

The problem with finally having someone from my list die is that now I want them all

Not enough to break the rules and actually do some in myself though.

Sacrificing some chickens, maybe - but other than that

We still have almost 4 weeks before submissions. What’s the rush?

Can I put kopek’s chickens on my list?

Too bad you couldn’t squeeze Phill Kline in there. :wink:

**Making my list

Checking it twice

Hoping to guess who is going to be stiff and nice…**

Yes, I’ll be over here in the handbasket…

I knew I was forgetting somebody. If I had I would have bumped the lieutenant governor and put Kline in his place.

I am so ashamed for what I am about to post

Probably not; only my cock is famous and that is just regionally :slight_smile:

Since my group all decided to stiff me out of points this year (see what I did there?) I’ve decided to shake my list up a little bit. So here is NotherYinzer’s List of People Who Will Almost Assuredly Survive 2016:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Sandy Koufax…Will the “Left Arm of God” meet his maker?
Pope Palpatine…er, Benedict
Jerry Lee Lewis
George HW Bush…Perhaps a skydiving accident?
June Foray…Rocky the Dying Squirrel
Drew Barrymore
Kurt Busch…NASCAR driver. Gotta be a gimme.
Gavin MacLeod
Abe Vigoda…Patron saint of “I ate’n’t dead”
Jimmy Carter
Roger Moore
Louis CK

Sidney Poitier
Julie Newmar
Rose Marie


Ruth Bader-Ginsburg
Sandy Koufax
Pope Benedict
Jerry Lee Lewis
George HW Bush
June Foray
Drew Barrymore
Kurt Busch
Gavin MacLeod
Abe Vigoda
Jimmy Carter
Roger Moore
Louis CK

Sidney Poitier
Julie Newmar
Rose Marie

I’ve threatened this for a few years - Rappers who (could) die young.
Probably a lot of uniques. I’ll be back with real names - just placing a marker.

Chief Keef
Waka Flocka Flame
ScHoolboy Q
Ty Dolla Sign
Tech N9ne
Young Thug
Pusha T
Riff Raff
Bobby Shmurda
Max B

Lil Twist

Jeff Goldblum
Bruce Springsteen
Howard Stern
Betty White
The Iron Sheik
Chuck Berry
Mick Jagger
Val Kilmer
Justin Beiber
Britney Spears
Terry Funk
John McCain
Axel Rose

First time participating! Good luck everyone!

I see we’re pre-warming the handbasket this year.

No need - we never give it a chance to cool off! :slight_smile:

George H. W. Bush
Barbara Bush

That would make an amazing murder/suicide.

See, what did I just say? :smiley:

Valarie Harper
Kim Novak
Joan Van Ark
Priscilla Presley
Bobby Rydell
Shelley Fabares
Bill Macy
Barrie Chase
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Paul Simon
Prince Phillip
Stephen Hawking
Aretha Franklin

Pope Benedict
Princess Anne
Burt Reynolds

so how to do edit after the allowable time in here? Or

do we just post again??