Celebrity Death Pool 2019

You get 13 picks. I see 10 picks and 3 alts, so you could just put your alts on your main list.

I’ve PMed the player about this.

Not the other player, but you PM’d me, as well, and for the same reason.

Here are the three celebrities that I forgot to include initially. In order to keep my alternates in their designated roles, please add:

Linda Ronstadt

Frances Sternhagen

Michael McKean

You know you have been in the Death Pool too long if you can quickly scroll through the thread and still realize someone didn’t pick 13.

That’s easy to spot. What is visually confusing is when a player doesn’t leave a space between their 13 picks and the alternates, and for a moment you’re thinking that someone had 17 picks, before you see what’s going on.

I have revised my list removing Red S. and following the 13 plus 3 rule.
Henry Kissinger
Joni Mitchell
Ralph Nader
Willie Mays
Ronnie Wood
Don Newcombe
Whitey Ford
Ed Kranepool
Girma Wolde-Giorgis
Pope Benedict XVI
Hosni Mubarak
Ciriaco Di Mita
Dick Van Dyke
Mel Brooks
Ian St. John
David Crosby

Mike Tyson
James “Buster” Douglas
Ruth Bader-Ginsberg
Bill Clinton
Robert Downey Jr.
Paul McCartney
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Lindsay Lohan
Gordon Moore
Betty White
Bob Dylan
Woody Allen
Bill Cosby


Putting yourself in as an alternate?


Hi, I have never played before but would like to submit my humble offering of 13 names (and three alternates) in the hope that the Death Pool deities find them worthy. Also, are there 13 for a Baker’s dozen?
Val Valentino
Michael Gambon
Maggie Smith
Billy Joel
Michael Caine
Paddy Ashdown
Randy Orton
John Motson
Eric Idle
Timothy West
Glenn Hoddle
Jimmy Carter
Joan Plowright

Uri Geller
Christopher Awdry
Justin Bieber


No, it’s for the “lucky” connotations of the number thirteen.

Hey, points is points. Besides, being on my list is practically a guarantee of immortality.


Keith Richards
Bill Clinton
MaryKate Olsen
Lance Armstrong
Vladimir Putin
Dick Cheney
Bernie Madoff
Lindsey Lohan
Steve Bannon
Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi
Kate Gosselin
Russell Brand
Justin Bieber


Pat Boone
Hillary Clinton

John Madden
Jimmy Carter
Shannon Dougherty
Betty White
Charlie Sheen
Wilford Brimley
Paula Deen
Sandy Koufax
Bob Dole
Pete Rose
John Mellencamp
Billy Joel
Rush Limbaugh

Daniel Day Lewis
Tom Hanks
Sally Fields

It looks that way: https://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=866517

Phungi is keeping that one while Baker graciously takes back the main game.

The idea of a separate ‘themed list’ thread is that a themed list tends to score fewer points than a list that draws from the entire population of celebrities. Having a separate thread means you don’t have to choose between having a theme and going for max points.

But if you just want a themed list, and you want to have it in this thread, that’s A-OK AFAICT.

I missed last year because the Themed Death Pool was done as another thread, so my Mary Tyler Moore Show list was put in there and I never got around to doing one for the real Death Pool, not that my zero points mattered. This list was slapped-together by googling for celebrities who are, or have been, old or sick. Not being a pop-culture maven, the only thing that took a little time was finding people that I have actually heard of :slight_smile:

Kathleen Blanco
Tom Brokaw
Tommy Chong
Sean Connery
Shannen Doherty
Michael Douglas
Michael J. Fox
Valerie Harper
Val Kilmer
Joan Lunden
Liza Minnelli
Olivia Newton-John
Kenny Rogers


Jimmy Carter
Jim Kelly
Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Michael Douglas is the actor, son of Kirk. There are several other semi-famous ones.
Kenny Rogers is the singer, not the former MLB pitcher
Jim Kelly is the former NFL QB, not the British author.

As the “keeper of the Themed list” I agree with this.

And as the DeathMistress of the regular list, I also agree.

Thanks for making those names clear. I didn’t know there was more than one famous Kenny Rogers either.

And your list looks like a good one too.

Your humble DeathMistress submits her list. These folks are frim oldest to youngest.

Conrad Bachmann
Charlotte Stewart
Fred Ward
Richard Marcus
Michael Gross
Thomas Rosales, Jr.
Helen Shaver
Marcelo Tubert
Reba McEntire
Kevin Bacon
Finn Carter
Chris Gartin
Robert Jayne


Ariana Richards