Celebrity Death Pool 2019

I’m still trying to figure out if I want to jettison all my survivors and go with a new list.

NAME			Birthdate		Known for
Kevin Smith		2 August 1970		Slacker Director
Elvis Costello		25 August 1954		Writing The Book everyday
Sophia Flörsch		1 December 2000		Formula 3 driver
Kim Jong-chul		25 September 1981 	Half-brother of Kim Jong-un
Ric Flair		25 February 1949	Woooo!!!!!!!!!
Grigory Rodchenkov	24 October 1958		Former head of the Russian doping labs
Tommy Chong		24 May 1938		Dave's not here, man.
Jimmy Carter		1 October 1924		Ex-President
Dick Cheney		30 January 1941		Darth Vader
Michael Schumacher	3 January 1969		Formula-1 Driver Terrible skier
Pope Emeritus Benedict	16 April 1927		Snazzy Red Shoes
Prince Phillip		10 June 1921		He married well
Andy Dick		21 December 1965	Alleged Comic

Val Kilmer		31 December 1959	The best Batman *EVER*
Casey Anthony		19 March 1985		Found Not Guilty

Clean list:
Kevin Smith
Elvis Costello
Sophia Flörsch
Kim Jong-chul
Ric Flair
Grigory Rodchenkov
Tommy Chong
Jimmy Carter
Dick Cheney
Michael Schumacher
Pope Emeritus Benedict
Prince Phillip
Andy Dick

Val Kilmer
Casey Anthony

I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone of my picks die during the year. Repeated wholesale failures caused me to stay away from the 2018 Pool but I decided I’m just going to keep using my previous list until some of them just fucking die already (no, none of them died this year either).

Loretta Lynn (coalminer’s daughter)
Charlie Daniels (made a deal with the devil)
Tommy Chong (stoner)
Jimmy Carter (nuclear peanut farmer and construction worker)
Donald Trump (con man)
Henry Kissinger (jackass)
Sandy Koufax (southpaw)
Curly Neal (#22)
Bobby Bowden (Puntrooskie caller)
Buzz Aldrin (original moonwalker)
Clint Eastwood (chairtalker)
Fred Silverman (former TV exec)
Ron Popeil (legendary inventor & marketing genius)


Al Jaffee (very unserious guy)
Bill Cosby (rapist)
Regis Philbin (professionally inoffensive host)

Also, I’m pretty sure Rule #1 has a typo, or else this is gonna be the toughest SDMB Celebrity Death Pool yet!

You should do a clean list, without commentary, lest the Death Mistress give you the stink eye and curse your loins.

Oh yeah; I forgot that was a part of the deal. Thanks for the reminder, Happy!

Loretta Lynn
Charlie Daniels
Jimmy Carter
Donald Trump
Henry Kissinger
Sandy Koufax
Curly Neal
Bobby Bowden
Buzz Aldrin
Clint Eastwood
Fred Silverman
Ron Popeil


Al Jaffee
Bill Cosby
Regis Philbin

Sorry, yourself! It’s one of those songs I occasionally hear about, but never actually hear, AFAIK. So your earworm powers have no effect on me. :smiley:

Mostly a retread of the last two years:

Mel Brooks - Legendary director
Betty White - Legendary actress
James Randi - Legendary skeptic
David Attenborough - Legendary wildlife presenter
John Williams - Legendary composer
Buzz Aldrin - Legendary conspiracy-theorist-puncher
Sean Connery - Legendary sexy man
Ken Watanabe - Legendary Asian actor
Val Kilmer - Legendary swordsman
Bill Cosby - Legendary rapist (new addition!)
Tom Sizemore - Legendary meth addict
Donald Sutherland - Legendary Canadian actor
Valerie Harper - Legendary Rhoda star?

Richard Simmons - Legendary sparkly-unitard-wearer
Paul Gascoigne - Legendary alcoholic
Vikram Chatwal - Legendary burnout hotel heir

Plain Text

Mel Brooks
Betty White
James Randi
David Attenborough
John Williams
Buzz Aldrin
Sean Connery
Donald Sutherland
Ken Watanabe
Val Kilmer
Bill Cosby
Tom Sizemore
Valerie Harper

Richard Simmons
Paul Gascoigne
Vikram Chatwal

Betty White
Javier Perez de Cuellar
Chuck Yeager
Robert Mugabe
Carl Reiner
Doris Day
John Paul Stevens
Henry Kissinger
Prince Philip
Bob Dole
Jimmy Carter
Bob Barker
George Shultz

Lee Iacocca
Marv Levy
Joyce Randolph

When I cleaned up my list, it seems that somehow Tommy Chong got deleted; he should still be there.

Another thanks for the heads-up, this time to our esteemed Death Mistress Baker.

Bo’s not here, man.

No; I’m Bo. Open up the door, man.

I actually got some points for my non-themed list this year. So mostly retreads except for the few who obliged by shuffling off the mortal coil.

Queen Elizabeth
Donald Trump
Kirk Douglas
Jimmy Carter
Valerie Harper
Shannen Doherty
Olivia Newton-John
John Travolta
Harrison Ford
Bob Barker
Bill O’Reilly
Mick Jagger
Nichelle Nichols

Ringo Starr
Tom Brokaw
George Takei

Bo’s not here, man!

As soon as you do that, they’re all going to die.

Daylight come and me wanna go ho-ome!

You’ve heard it. You may not know the name, but you’ve heard it. :smiley:

So far twelve celebrities have four or more picks. There are numerous celebs with three and two picks.

Jimmy Carter 11
Betty White 6
Bill Cosby 6
Prince Philip 6
Valerie Harper 6
Olivia Newton John 5
Queen Elizabeth II 5
Billy Joel 4
Donald Trump 4
Ruth Bader Ginsburg 4
Sean Connery 4
Tommy Chong 4

Perhaps, and I’ll admit the words look familiar. But they aren’t bringing any music to my mind. Nyaah, nyaah! :stuck_out_tongue:

This stuff happens to me. I literally just heard “Danny Boy” for the first time in my life, just in the past few weeks. I’d been hearing references to the song since childhood. But the tune, and the lyrics other than the title, where totally new to me.

It happens to me too. I didn’t know the name of the “day-o song” until I Googled it. If it weren’t for the internet I still wouldn’t know the name of that freakin’ earworm.

A few 2018 carry-overs (I can’t believe they’re still around) and some cherry-picks:

Hugh Downs
Betty White
Carl Reiner
Bob Barker
Bob Dole
Mel Brooks
Bob Newhart
Bill Cosby
Dick Cheney
Dickie Betts
Liza Minnelli
Olivia Newton-John
Pete Davidson

Maria Butina
Peter Fonda
Mikhail Gorbachev

Petula Clark
Diana Ross
Dionne Warwick
Donald Trump
Tony Danza
Valerie Harper
Loni Anderson
Keith Richards
Alan Alda
Pete Rose
Loretta Lynn
Bill Cosby
Tim Conway

Ray Romano
Olivia Newton John
Billy Joel

Fatima Ali
Linda Nolan
Tim Conway
Carroll Spinney
Gene Wolfe
Donald Trump
Prince Philip
Bob Dole
Jimmy Carter
Gene Wolfe
Prince Philip
Carol Burnett
Pete Davidson

Nobby Stiles
Michelle Obama