Celebrity Deathpool 2002: in 3D!

mobo85 named “Chuck Jones (greatest living cartoon director)”

Being that Mr. Jones died recently (RIP) hasn’t mobo85 won the prize for first named celebrity to die?

Carrie Hamilton and Princess Margaret died first and were on a couple of lists.

I expect Little Nemo will have kept a record. He had a master list last year. On the other hand, the deathpool was posted over at fathom last year too, and I can’t seem to find this year’s version there.

Hey, what happened to my picks? I KNOW I had Dudley Moore…along with just about everyone else!


Dudley Moore dropped dead today… that gets me on the board!

Kick The Bucket - Updates

So what do I get for points, 33?

I thought I had already posted to this thread, but I guess not. And I suppose I’ll have to leave off Dudley Moore now.

OK, here’s my picks for the rest of the year.

  1. Gloria Stuart (old)
  2. Katherine Hepburn (really old)
  3. John Goodman (obese)
  4. Jeff Gordon (race car driver)
  5. Robert Downey, Jr. (drug addict)
  6. Pope John Paul II (old and infirm)
  7. **John Popper **(obese)
  8. **Don Knotts **(old)
  9. Greg Louganis(has AIDS)
  10. Strom Thurmond (really, really old)
  11. Yassir Arafat (assassination)
  12. Milton Berle (old)
  13. ** Ol’ Dirty Bastard** (you name it)

Yeah, we had this little board outage that wiped out all posts from December 8 through to Feb when the boards went down. Deathpool opened December 1 and most pics were made later in December, and so have been lost forever (unless Nemo has the master list backed up somewhere)

Not any more, from here:

Duff McKagan definitely shouldn’t be on this list… he’s clean and sober now and does kickboxing, he’s very healthy.
he looks like he does in this pic:


… and Uncle Milty dropped too.

Wow. Their coming fast and furious now.

Where the heck is Nemo?

Yikes! Scary! Opium Den? I’ll take your word that he’s clean and sober… and Duff! Haven’t seen a pic of him since probably 1993.

Besides, he’s my resident long shot (well, one of them). I thought it was a bad idea to put Dudley Moore on since his condition was predicted to drag on for years - no one told me that pneumonia could take him out. In this game, I kind of like it when I lose. Last year I was 0 for 13, this year I’m 2/13 and it’s only March! (Well, close enough to April).

Oh, no, not Uncle Milty! It’s 4:15 west coast time, and I’m not seeing this news story on any of my news websites. Can anyone confirm?

Confirmed - just saw it on CNN. :frowning:

wouldn’t you say he looks pretty fit in that picture?
I saw him play a couple of months ago, he put on a good show, pretty energetic. i’d say he’ll live into his 60s or so…

Well he certainly looks fit - but like I say, I can’t even recognise him! He always looked so sleepy back in his GnR days :slight_smile:

Here’s hoping he does live a good long life, but still… you never know what can happen. I would have picked Princess Di as one to live a long time, with all her pampering and exercise routines.

I’m not boasting, really I’m not! And congrats to Cazzle for the same score.

wow, lots of people seem to be passing lately!!


Yes, but she was 101. So no points if anyone picked her.

Icarus - congratulations just don’t seem right. And if the Pope and Johnny Cash both go this year, we’ll still be tied - looks like we were thinking along the same lines. 29 points for Princess Margaret and 34 for Dudley Moore = 63 points.

Who had Carrie Hamilton? I remember there were two of you. She was worth 62 points (only 38 years old, how sad).

Milton Berle was worth 7 points - and congrats (or whatever is appropriate) to gobear for the fastest 7 points, with what? a day between your pick and Uncle Milty’s death.

I was one of two people who had Carrie Hamilton for 62 points. I also remember having Stephen King and four members of the cast of Friends (I threw out Lisa and Jennifer). I don’t remember who else, but I’d like to put a bid in for all four members of ABBA. How long can they live?