Celebrity Deathpool 2002: in 3D!

Lets see…

  1. Ronnie Regan
  2. Ronnie Wood
  3. Ronnie Barker (U.K. retired comedian, once of the Two Ronnies)
  4. Ronnie O’Sullivan (professional snooker player, bit of a geezer)
  5. Ronnie Spector
  6. Barbara Winsor
  7. Shane McGowan
  8. Van Morrisson
  9. Stevie Wonder
  10. Kirk Douglas
  11. Michael J. Fox
  12. Ozzy ozbourne
  13. George Best.

Well here goes,

  1. Kirk Douglas
  2. Ted Williams
  3. Johnny Knoxville
  4. Ozzy Osborne
  5. Kid Rock
  6. Bob Hope
  7. Fidel Castro
  8. David Brinkley
  9. Buddy Hackett
  10. Stephen Hawking
  11. Billy Idol
  12. Paul Prudhomme
  13. Yoko Ono

I see that there is some speculation that Bob Hope is already 100. So, let me substitute one aged golfer for another aged golfer. Drum roll please…

Arnold Palmer (shuffling off to the 19th hole).

Yeah, it’s been widely accepted that Hope knocked two years off his age when his career got started, and I read in the newspaper recently that his family have confirmed that Bob is now 100, not 98. Perhaps someone can provide a link to the story? All I can find is an archived usenet post. I guess it’s up to the individual who chooses him, but he’s worth at most 2 disputed points, and possibly no points.

My mother-in-law lives in Charleston, SC, and she swears that when they raised the CSS Hunley (the Confederate sub sunk in 1864) it had a Thurmond for Senate bumper sticker on it.

Ok…addenda: (these are allowed right?)

  1. Gene Wilder
  2. Bobby Labonte
  3. George W. Bush (I meant him in the first place anyway, thogh)
  4. Ron Popeil

And I stopped updating the list I had because there’s just too many of you damn people…it was OK until yesterday…then BAM!

That guy is oh so dead. For years…as in, before John Candy died.

Dom DeLuise is still alive. His career may not be in good health, but it’s still alive - according to the IMDB, he’s still making movies.

Well, then if I can’t have Mr. Belvedere, I want … Marlon Brando!

Yikes! If thats the case, I will humbly sub my Bob Hope pick with…Milton Berle


I normally do not submit my picks so early in the contest.
I normally like to research this quite thoroughly.

But, my list this year, is near exact for last years, replacing only a the two that kicked last year and substituting another.

**Shirley’s Dead Pool Picks [sup]TM [/sup]

1.**Bob Hope **(obligatory hold over for five years now.)

  1. **Ricardo Montalban ** Born 1920

3.** Penny Singleton **(Blondie in the Series. DOB 9.15.08)

4 ** Gloria Stewart **- (Titanic’s Old Rose. DOB 7.4.10)

5.** Katherine Hepburn ** (As much as I adore her work…)

6.** Sir John Mills ** Actor. Born 1908.

7.** Dudley Moore** - Dudley, I am so sorry, but you need to follow the light. End your misery, old pal.

8.** Max Schmeling **(Boxing great. DOB 9.28.05)

9.** Elizabeth Kubler-Ross ** (Writer. born 1926.)

10.** Fay Wray **( DOB 1907)

11.** Simon Wiesenthal**: Nazi Hunter (He’s outliving all the krauts) DOB 12.31.08 (Prediction he will croak right after his birthday.)

12.** Lady Bird Johnson.** Former First Lady. (Born 1912)

13.** Glenn Ford** (DOB - 5.1.16)

I should now send them all birthday cards. :slight_smile:


This Dead Pool Candidate is already dead.

oxymoron wrote :

This is genius, pure and simple, except Arafat is a member of the same club that Stephan Hawking, Fidel Castro, Queen Mum and Keith Richards belong too.

Actually, my main concern is that he hold out at least 'til New Year’s Day!

Sen. Thurmond’s Ex-Sitter Dies at 109

SALUDA, S.C. (AP) - Lois Crouch Matheny Addy, who baby-sat for Sen. Strom Thurmond when he was a boy and always voted for him, has died. She was 109.

Addy, a retired schoolteacher and principal, died Monday at the Saluda Nursing Center.

“Mrs. Lois was such a fine lady and took good care of me and all the other children,” said Thurmond, who turned 99 on Wednesday.

Addy often was interviewed on election days when she cast her vote for the nation’s oldest and longest-serving senator.

“Thurmond always came by to see her when he was coming to visit,” said nursing center administrator Robert Bowles. “A lot of our residents grew up with her
and knew her well.”

In a 1995 interview, Addy recalled taking care of a young Thurmond, whose father was law partner with Addy’s brother-in-law.

“Beginning when he was 2, he would spend the day with my sister and she would call me and my two little sisters to come play with him,” Addy said. "Since I was older, I took charge of him.

“The easiest way to entertain him was riding horseback,” she said. “We felt like he was our little brother.”

She also recalled meeting Woodrow Wilson at a reception the day he was inaugurated as president in 1913.

“You never saw such fireworks and goings on as it was that night,” she said. “It was fantastic. That’s the highlight of my life.”

Addy said that she had gone to the polls for every national election since women were allowed to vote in 1920.

“I’ve always supported Strom Thurmond, and I still intend to,” she said in 1996, when he ran for his last term. “It’s the brain that counts, not his physical condition. As long as you have a good, workable brain, you’re fit for office.”

A memorial service was scheduled for Thursday at St. Paul United Methodist Church.

Thurmond has said he will retire when his term ends in January 2003. He recently moved into the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., and is using a wheelchair to get around the Capitol.

  1. Ronald Reagan
  2. Robert Downey, Jr.
  3. Daryl Strawberry
  4. Rodney Dangerfield
  5. Hume Cronyn
  6. Boris Yeltsin
  7. Abe Vigoda
  8. Jackie Chan
  9. Nagisa Oshima (Director of In the Realm of the Senses)
  10. Whitney Houston
  11. McCauley Culkin
  12. Osama Bin Laden
  13. Dennis Leary

Well, I am very disappointed in the obstinate stillabovegroundness of my last year’s Dirty Dozen (plus one).

Howsomever, I am going to repeat most of them for this year’s list; my strategy is a mix of the moderately elderly and younger, but high-risk, individuals. Mostly those who have lived the High Life, and whose arteries may be heard cracking like the spring ice breakup on the St Lawrence.

  1. Andy Griffith
  2. Dennis Hopper
  3. Gerald Ford
  4. Farley Mowat (Canadian author and souse)
  5. Fiedel Castro (I predict he will drop in the 5th hour of one of his harangues)
  6. Idi Amin (currently living in Saudi, I understand)
  7. Rodney Dangerfield
  8. Augusto Pinochet
  9. Tony Bennet
  10. Robert Downey Jr.
  11. Osama Bin Laden (playing the favourite…I can’t afford everyone else who listed him to jump ahead if and when!)
  12. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez (Hangin’ wit’ Suge…)
  13. Dick “Guess where I am this week” Cheney

Did we have a ruling on Osama’s qualification status? I personally think he should be allowed; however, if it turns out he is disallowed, my substitute (warming up in the bullpen in an orange muumuu and eating a pork chop smothered in butter)…Mr. Marlon Brando.

Hmmm… I suspect there may be a slight hitch with this year’s Death Pool…

Anyone out there have a cached copy of all the entries post December 7?

Hmm, I might have my list somewhere, but I don’t think so. I know I entered after 7 December; closer to XMas, I think.

Damn. But, they’re all still alive, anyway.

Hope. Must have hope.

I am going to repost my list from memory, i think it will be who i’d intended like the last time.

Danielle Steel-- annoyingly proflific romance novel writer.
Jessica Simpson-- Pop princess
Mancow Muller–Chicago radio personality
Andrew Neiderman-- V. C. Andrews’s ghostwriter
Emeril Lagasse-- TV chef
Winona Ryder - actor
Dennis Rodman–basketball star

Rounding out the list

Jerry Falwell–televangelist
Mike Tyson–boxer
Celine Dion-pop singer
Fred Durst- of Limp bizkit
Scott Stapp–of Creed
Lil’Kim —rapper