Celebrity Poker Showdown, Tournament 4

I missed it (sob) so who won? Did my baby Ron Livingston play well? Did you feel the urge to ruffle his hair at any point? ahem Was Penn Jillette annoying?

Discuss all here.

OK, it was Tournament 3, Game 2. Not Tournament 4 (which I hope we’ll see next summer.)

Ron Livingston played very well, just as he did last year. Could have won if not for a couple of bad hands.

Penn got annoying about 90 seconds in. Being the first one out failed to dampen that at all. Props to him for playing for Randi and the JREF.

Jeff Gordon should not have won. I say that because I dislike Jeff Gordon.

I didn’t even care about Jeff Gordon and when he folded instead of calling for $600, I cared about him even less. At that point, I was routing for Angie Dickinson.

I’m in the minority here, but I was hoping for Penn to win. Sure, he’s obnoxious, but he’s fun to watch. Of course, I like him, so that kind of helps.

I have never watched this show. Does this take place in the Palm’s casino, by chance? If so, I was there when they were filming it. They were pestering people to be seat fillers for the audience, but we declined.

I thought this was the worst episode of Celebrity poker ever. Bad play, bad mugging to the camera, annoying celebrities. If I were in the audience, I would’ve got up and left.

And yes, this is filmed at the Palm’s.

The Rat Pack is rolling over in its various graves at the shittiness of Angie Dickinson’s poker playing.

I’ve been a fan of Penn & Teller for years (although the obnoxious Libertarian slant they took in the last few episodes of Bullshit really pissed me off), but if I had been at that table with Penn, I would have strangled him, regardless of the fact that’s he’s six inches taller than me. I regularly play poker with friends, and anyone who acted half as obnoxious as that would have been shown the door in minutes. Although they were laughing, you could tell that the other players were annoyed with his rude and idiotic antics, too.

I have a feeling that someone took him aside during the first commercial break, because he toned it down a little, but I wasn’t sorry that he was the first one out.

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